Analysing Actionable Insights to Create Better Online Courses

Every day, educators work on creating engaging online classes. After building a module, they move to the next. Over time, their courses might become outdated or irrelevant. In some cases, students do not relate to the content, so they drop out. Educators must make an effort to create better online courses regularly. They should also create a good online learning environment where students feel at ease. But, how do they know what to change? Here’s a look at how educators can gather and analyse information to boost retention.

Why Should I Gather and Analyse Data?

Many educators leave out this crucial step. Instead, they focus on building classes that incorporate all the features of an ideal online learning course. But, when you gather actionable insights, you can use data to improve your lessons. The information you collect could help you fill content gaps. When you make such data-driven changes, learners are more likely to engage with your course. In turn, you will see a higher return on your investment.

Analysing Information to Create Better Online Courses

Understand Your Goal

Understand Your GoalBefore you can analyse any information, you need to know why you’re collecting that data. You might want to figure out why learners are dropping out. Or, you might be looking for a way to personalise the content for each student. Depending on your goal, you will create a plan on what kind of information to gather. In the dropout scenario, you will have to ask students what encourages them to leave. If you want to personalise the course, you need to collect information about how each person learns.

Keep Action at the Forefront

While collecting insights, you need to ensure they are actionable. So, always frame your questions carefully. Questions such as:
• When and how can we identify struggling learners?
• Where can we incorporate content to better the course?
Will work better than other open-ended questions such as – did you like the course?

Overcome Your Bias

Overcome Your BiasVery often, educators feel attached to what they’ve created. So, they might only look at feedback or insights that confirm their thoughts. But to create better online courses, you must keep your bias in check. Accept all feedback with an open mind. Once you frame your questions, prepare yourself for all kinds of answers. You can then act on the feedback you receive to build more engaging lessons.

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