Easy Tips and Subject-Wise Strategy for 3-Month NEET Preparation

With only three months left for the NEET UG, students are firing up their prep, studying hard and long. Most students put in over a year of dedicated study for this qualifying exam. However, a different approach and strategy are required, with only 90 days left for the big day. Therefore, a 3-month study plan for NEET is a must if you aim to score high marks and bag a seat in one of the prestigious medical institutes. Read on to learn about a power-packed three-month study and subject-wise preparation strategy.

Revise from your own notes

NEET Preparation tips - Revise from your own notes

A key ingredient of acing the NEET is revising from your own notes (we assume you’ve created them already) while preparing. Your own handwritten notes are of great help as you will retain what you’re studying for longer. Also, you will be able to recall better when you study from notes created by you. It’s easy to get concept clarity this way and reinforce your overall learning.

Take regular mock tests

Taking NEET mock tests is one of the best ways to revise during this three-month period. This gives you insight into the level of our preparation and which areas need work. After the assessment by experts, you will automatically become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you can work on your shortcomings and also learn to manage your time during the exam.

Solve past year’s papers

NEET preparation - Solve past years papers

Solving previous year’s papers will acquaint you with the real exam environment, the important topics, and the frequently asked questions, among other things. You will also become aware of the paper pattern and the distribution of marks. This also boosts your time management skills and accuracy in answering the questions. Also, this gives you a lot of practice, helping you devise an effective exam strategy.

Get all your doubts resolved

Resolve all your doubts at the earliest, as leaving them unattended will cost you precious marks. Speak to your seniors or join an online study forum to interact with your peers. Better still, enrol in a crash course for NEET for guidance from experts. TG Campus offers a robust 2-month online course that covers the entire syllabus in depth. The excellent faculty is always ready to guide you and clear any doubts.

Stay physically and mentally healthy

With three months left, it is natural to get caught up in the exam preparation, devoting most of the time to it. However, it is equally important to stay physically and mentally healthy to garner good scores. Therefore, eat right, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and adopt a solid fitness routine. Give time to your overall well-being and have a holistic approach to stay refreshed, de-stressed and energetic.

It’s crucial to follow all of the above for your NEET UG preparation. However, you know yourself best, and it’s up to you to craft an impactful study plan that best suits your abilities. But, a tactical approach is crucial to beat the competition and ace the exam. Below, we have mentioned a subject-wise strategy to help optimize your preparation in these three months.


In Physics, your focus must be on formulae and problems, as these are the core of the subject. Use the NCERT books for reference, as most of the questions come from here. Application-based questions are an integral part of this subject. Therefore, you are tested on your problem-solving abilities. Also, you will get formula-based questions, and hence, you must have a stronghold on formulae. Therefore, get concept clarity and understand the basics of problems to solve such questions in a time-bound manner. Past year’s papers will throw light on the type of questions asked and the topics that carry more weightage. Look out for graphs, and keep a separate notebook for formulae and revise them daily to remember them.


As you know, Chemistry is divided into three segments – Physical, Organic and Inorganic. This subject is partly application-based and is part theory. Physical Chemistry is mostly formula-based, and you must be thorough with the formulae and the different types for this. Chemical reactions are an integral part of Organic Chemistry, which is learning-based, and hence, it is important to know these. You must also gain a solid understanding of concepts as they are connected to the topics of reactions and mechanisms. As for Inorganic Chemistry, you must be clear about concepts, which will help you score. So, memorise the periodic table and gain a thorough understanding of the properties of compounds and elements. This is the segment that will test your understanding of formulae and how you apply them to problems.


For Biology, do keep in mind that the syllabus is vast while also being a descriptive subject. Since the subject is theoretical, revise your short notes daily. Also, diagrams are a crucial part of this subject. Focus on the concepts and facts mentioned in the NCERT books. Be thorough with all the diagrams, as they are the key to comprehending complex concepts. Understand the details and learn to interpret them accurately. Be clear about concepts and revise from your own notes daily, as this will enhance your learning. Biology is a scoring subject, so daily practice and the practice of MCQs will help you greatly. Also, some topics in this subject are interdisciplinary, so do not leave any topic unexplored. Being thorough in Biology will aid in boosting your scores greatly, so study diligently.

Preparing for a highly competitive and challenging exam like the NEET is an uphill task. But, do make your own notes, identify the topics you are weak in and devote more time to these. Also, practice MCQs daily, as these will refine and polish your learnings. They are one of the best ways to fortify your knowledge. During these three months, make use of your time to study smartly and devise a smart strategy. Also, we cannot stress enough the power and importance of past year’s papers. TG Campus has NEET previous years’ papers’ pdfs with answer keys that are free to download. You can use these to evaluate your prep level and further tweak your strategy. Although the exam is a tough one, diligent study and smart planning can help you ace it in three months.

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