5 Smart Mantras Parents Can Adopt for Their Child’s Success

Parents constantly worry about their child’s future more than anything else. They strive to provide the best possible financial and emotional support to their children. But, given the rising competition and the latest e-learning trends of 2019, guardians have to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Unfortunately, their tireless efforts sometimes don’t yield results simply because they fail to adopt the right mantras for their ward’s success. This could be due to various reasons, like lack of information, misguidance, etc.

Through this piece, we aim at addressing such concerns and offering parents and guardians some essential pointers. These can help them assist their wards in the right direction. Take a look:

1. Create a supportive environment

It’s a known fact that many students today have to battle anxiety. This is due to rising levels of competition. In addition to this, a lack of parental support can spell disaster for young learners. The best thing would be to support your child’s academic endeavours and avoid forcing your personal wishes on him/her. Let them take charge of their future. Create a distraction-free space in your house where your children can study. Moreover, set an example by being kind and empathetic. Also, it is important to be attentive to their needs while avoiding helicopter parenting at all costs.

2. Provide the right guidance

Every parent should acknowledge the unique capabilities of their kids. Always keep in mind, no two individuals are the same.  Every parent should be aware of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Teach them on how to choose a career after 10th and 12th well in advance. If necessary, ask for expert advice from career counsellors. Parents should not encourage their kids to join a stream that is not in alignment with their skills. For example, if your child enjoys studying history, then it would be foolish to advise them to choose biology as a major.

3. Regularly meet your child’s teachers

A few years ago, the only time parents could meet their child’s teacher was during PTA meetings. However, thanks to technological advances, teachers can now update parents about their child’s academic progress. Additionally, online learning platforms facilitate regular parent-teacher communication. So, you can keep a close eye on your child’s test results. Don’t hesitate to ask teachers about the areas where your child is falling short. Request for improvement tips from tutors and apply them accordingly.

4. Don’t feel guilty about saying no

We live in a world of instant gratifications. So, being a parent in today’s world is extremely challenging. These days, young adults expect quick rewards and many undervalue the importance of hard work and perseverance. Teach your children how to handle setbacks and provide them with the opportunity to deal with uncomfortable circumstances. Help them build resilience and avoid giving in to their every demand.

5. Be positive

One of the key ingredients of success is to consistently maintain an optimistic outlook. Remind your children of their goals and encourage them to face their fears head-on.

Always remember, parents, play a crucial role in their child’s overall success. Hence, it is important for you to update and educate yourself before you plan to assist your child.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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