Tricks to Solve MCQs in the CSEET Exam

If your aim is to be a Company Secretary, you are well aware that the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is your first step towards it. You must also be aware that this is a tough qualifying exam. It needs extreme diligence, a positive mindset and a smart strategy to crack and ace it. And as you know, the CSEET question paper is a computer-based online test with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). A challenge indeed, but here we take you through some tricks on how to tackle these.

Go at a steady pace

Firstly, when sit for the exam, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Now take a look at the paper. Many times, when you look at an MCQ, you feel it’s very easy and tend to tick it. However, many times you falter. For example, you may not spot some words interspersed in the question, such as ‘not’. At times you may misinterpret it. Thus, it is best to read the question twice before you answer. Do not, at any cost, rush into answering, even if you think you know the answer after reading the question.

Attempt lengthy questions last

You can instantly tell which MCQs you will take time to answer. These are the big ones. For example, there may be a question on logical reasoning that you know will take longer to solve. Tackle this towards the end and solve the easy and short ones first. Also, sometimes, a question may be small, but it may take time to think of the answer. Tackle such questions in the end as well. Solve the easy ones first and then deal with the lengthy and tough ones. Don’t spend too much time on one question.

Read lengthy questions from last

Another trick is to read the lengthy question from the last part. Read and understand what is being asked in it. This works well when you have to answer the ‘Communications’ questions. The last 20 questions of the paper are based on your writing and communication skills. And, quite often, these consist of lengthy passages. At times, it is better to read the last point in this passage and then read the first part.

Eliminate the wrong answersCSEET tricks – Eliminate the wrong answers

There will be times when you will be unsure about the answer to a question. If you don’t know the correct answer, eliminate the wrong answers and do guesswork. Remember, CSEET has no negative marking. Therefore, striking off the wrong answers from the options given is a good way of getting it right. For example, if there are four options and you do not know the right one, but know which one is incorrect, strike that one off. Keep eliminating the wrong one that you definitely know is not the answer. This trick involves using your common sense, and guesswork is the way here.

All of the above

This can be a tricky option. There is a way to deal with this though…

  • If you recognise that there are two correct options with an option of ‘all of the above’, then this is your answer. This is always the case.
  • Another scenario is when there are four options with ‘all of the above’ as one of them. And there is also an incorrect answer. Now, if you recognise the incorrect option, then naturally, the correct answer is from the remaining two options.

Mark the question when in doubt

If you are doubtful about any question, simply mark it. On your paper, there is a mark for ‘review’ for each question. You can mark here if in doubt of any questions. There’s a number on the side where you can view the questions you’ve answered and the ones that are pending. You can go back to the previously unanswered question after moving on. You can even you can modify your answer if you wish. Thus, move on when in doubt, but do mark the doubtful ‘question’ under review and return to it. All you have to do is attempt all 140 questions.

Manage your time wellCSEET Tricks – Manage your time well

You have 120 minutes to answer 140 questions. This means you have less than a minute to answer each one. At times, students can get confused and even scared when they start reading the paper. Be calm and ensure that you do not take more than 1 minute for every question, no matter what. At the most, spend 1 min 15 sec or a maximum of 1 min 30 sec on a particular question. But, if you do this, then you are bound to miss another question. Therefore, we suggest you spend only one minute on every question and solve every single one. Again, remember that there is no negative marking in this exam. Therefore, attempt every question.

Review the paper

After you finish answering all questions, set 15 minutes aside to review the paper. This means that you have to answer each question in a maximum of 45 seconds. It is only then you will have time left to review the paper. We did mention that you can spend 1 min 15 sec or a maximum of 1 min 30 sec at the most on a single question. However, this will eat into hour time. Hence, 45 seconds must be your benchmark for every question. Now that you have those 15 minutes left, you can answer the questions that you have marked as ‘review’.

The CSEET may be a tough call but taking the CSEET mock test online will help you prepare for it well. Also, besides the above tips to tackle MCQs, solve the CSEET model question papers to get an edge over the competition.

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