Smart Ways to Deal with Test Anxiety

Getting nervous and feeling anxious is very natural and normal when you are taking any exam. And, these feelings get more enhanced during a competitive exam. However, there are several ways to reduce and even overcome test anxiety. Below we cite some that will help you do the same.

Change your attitude

First off, realign your thoughts and maintain a positive outlook. Have and maintain an attitude of doing your best under any circumstances. Negative thoughts are bound to creep in but, you must consciously think of your past successes and achievements. Focus on the good and positive break through any negative feelings and thoughts. Staying positive will help you stay happy as well.

Be well-prepared

You may wonder why to point out the obvious! But being well-prepared is the key to avoiding any exam pressure. Thus, tasks such as making notes, referring to them, jotting down queries and getting them cleared, and so on must be paramount. These activities will build your confidence without leaving you overwhelmed. This way, you can avoid cramming, which is a big ‘no-no’ anyway.

Visualise your success

Visualisation helps in staying positive. Simply picture yourself with high marks and what it feels like to garner the score you aim for. Then, chalk out reasonable and attainable goals and put efforts into achieving them. Translate your vision into achieving these goals. Visualise your success with every goal and reward yourself after you achieve it.

Practice breathing exercisesReduce test anxiety – Practice breathing exercises

It is well-known that most of us take short, shallow breaths from our chest. This limits our intake of oxygen. Shallow breaths result in more stress. The correct way is to use the diaphragm for breathing. Therefore, take long and deep breaths, which are known to calm you down as well as enhance the ability to recall and recognise objects faster.

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Have a fit and healthy lifestyleReduce test anxiety – Have a fit and healthy lifestyle

True, every student experiences anxiety before exams. However, a very important factor in contributing to this is the lifestyle you lead. Regular exercise, going for walks, eating a healthy and nutritious diet, and indulging in hobbies, is very important. It is also necessary to get enough sleep before and during exams. Also, spending time with family and friends is imperative.

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Exam anxiety in students is a stark reality, which cannot be ignored. But there are ways to tackle and resolve it. However, besides the above tips, we also cite some points that will help you overcome stress during the actual test.

  • Avoid focussing on getting rid of the anxiety, as this will only enhance it
  • Take a short min-break of 30 seconds
  • Focus on a particular sensation to clear your mind of this feeling. For example, the humming sound of the light in the room.
  • Focus on your physical symptoms when you experience anxiety. Because, if you can experience a physical symptom completely, your anxiety often vanishes

All students experience nervousness and stress before and even during exams. It is only natural. However, proper exam anxiety management helps you reduce and even completely overcome it.

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