Last-minute Tips to Tackle the CSEET

Aiming to do your CS, you have prepared well for the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET). Now that the exam is a couple of days away, it is natural to feel anxious and nervous. This is the time when most students are confused about how to tackle the exam. A positive mindset, no doubt, is the key. However, there are some tips you must follow to approach the exam in a calm and cool manner. Even if you are well-prepared by taking the ICSI mock tests for CSEET, there are some tactics that will help you sail through the test.

Revise handwritten noteCSEET tips- Revise handwritten notes

With only one or two days left for the exam, we do not suggest revising entire chapters or even topics. However, it is imperative to go through your handwritten notes. These, we are sure, you have prepared while studying for the past few months. As we are aware, handwritten notes are extremely helpful in understanding concepts and retention and recall. Hence, we recommend going through your notes, which are a crucial aspect of your last-minute preparation.

Focus on tough questions

While studying, all of us will find some topics more difficult than others. However, by now, you have solved the CSEET previous years’ question papers. These must have given you an idea about the various ways a particular question can be asked. Also, through this, you are well aware of what you find easy and difficult. We advise you to focus on those questions that you find tough and study/understand/solve them. Practicing these will help you master them.

Use the whole 120 minutesCSEET-Exam-tips – Use the whole 120 minutes

Be relaxed on the day of the exam when you’re sitting at your desk with the question paper in your hand. Make sure that you use the entire 120 minutes judiciously. When you know the answer to a question, answer it immediately, and if not, move to the next. Do not make the mistake of going through each question and spending time on each one to solve it.

Remember, in a CBT, you can always come back to the question left unanswered. Do keep in mind that you have 45-50 seconds to answer one question. The questions for which you know the answers will take only 10-15 seconds to solve. This will save you a lot of time to return to the unanswered ones. Also, do not go back and change the answer unless you have a logical and justifiable reason to do so. This must be avoided at all costs.

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Rule of elimination

This must be followed diligently. For example, in a question, when you have four options to choose from, you may not know the correct answer. But, you do know the wrong answer. Thus, strike off the wrong one, then read the question again and eliminate the wrong answer. Keep doing this, and eventually, you will get the right answer. Also, go ahead and take a guess. Remember, since there is no negative marking, you can take a logical guess. But do not blindly click on something while doing guesswork.

Attempt all the questions

No matter what, always focus on answering all the questions. As we mentioned earlier, since there is no negative marking, do not skip any questions. Also, take a logical guess when you do not know an answer. When you think the answer is something you are unable to get, think logically. This always helps. Another thing is that many students get anxiety pangs and think of not taking the exam. Never commit this mistake. Do your best and give your 100%, which is very important.

Last-minute preparation for this competitive exam is not as daunting as you may think. Naturally, the CSEET mock tests online will help you. However, the above tips will go a long way in helping you tackle the exam in the right manner.

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