The Most Important Online Learning Trends for 2020

Every day, people are learning more about the benefits, prospects and challenges of online learning in India. The truth is, online learning has been around for years. Recently, there has been a significant change in the way people learn online. Technological advances have pushed boundaries and caused trends to change. This, coupled with a better understanding of how people learn, has completely changed the face of online education.

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Here’s a look at the trends that are dominating online learning platforms in 2020:

Flipped Classrooms

In this scenario, students work on assignments when the teacher is in the ‘classroom’. This allows them to clear any doubts they have and get a better understanding of core topics. Students can then make use of recorded lectures to complete the lessons at their own convenience. Flipped classrooms make it easy for students to clear doubts immediately. This gives them a chance to grasp concepts quickly. These flipped classrooms are crucial when it comes to teaching science and mathematics.

Mastery Learning

Today, passing grades are no longer acceptable. Mastery learning aims to ensure that every student has mastered every concept. Learners must show that they have a complete understanding of the subject matter. Students take multiple tests to check their knowledge. If they answer all the questions correctly, they can move on to the next topic. This type of online learning technique helps students retain information for longer.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning has always been used in colleges. Today, it is a big part of online learning scenarios as well. Students are assigned various chapters or topics. They are then required to do their own research and create a project on the given topic. Each student then shares their knowledge with their peers. This could be in the form of a presentation or even as part of a debate. Project-based learning gives students complete control over how they learn. They can choose to look up videos, books, news clippings and more. This method promotes self-study. It encourages students to find a method of learning that works for them. It also trains students to hold themselves accountable for their own work.

Collaborative Learning

Teamwork is an essential part of every online learning course. Collaborative learning encourages students to work together. This gives them the opportunity to learn from their peers. It also provides them with a chance to learn how to operate as part of a team and cooperate with others. This essential life skill makes the entire online learning experience very wholesome. Earlier, collaborative learning was confined to traditional classrooms. But, this is no longer the case. Virtual classrooms and content sharing platforms have made it easy for students to collaborate and learn online.

Technology has made it possible for students to learn online in many different ways. At TG Campus, we ensure that all our online courses make use of the latest trends. This way, we can make sure that our students gain the most from the courses we offer. If you’d like to learn a new skill or master a new subject, you can check out the online courses on TG Campus. Our platform is the best meeting place for students and teachers to share knowledge.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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