Short-Term Courses for Commerce Students after Class 12

B Com, CA, CS, Accounting and Taxation, and many more. There are numerous degree courses one can pursue after Class 12 Commerce. But, did you know that there are several short-term courses after 12th Commerce that you can consider as well? And, these enhance your academic knowledge while also helping in your future career. We list down some here.

Certificate course in Tally

Certificate course in TallySpanning over 6 months to 2 years, this course covers the basic functions of accounts and finance. It deals with the in-depth study of these aspects of Commerce. It deals with important aspects of an organisation, such as inventory, payroll, manufacturing, banking, expenses, accounts, and other related roles. Every business and sector needs to use Tally as it helps track the bills in trading as well as non-trading accounts and more. You can be a Tax Accountant, Finance Officer, Sales Analyst, and others.

Certificate/Diploma in Banking

This programme takes anywhere from 6 months to a year and focuses on the banking industry. Data analysis, tax regimes, and company statistics, all fall under banking. Hence, it prepares you for a career in the banking and finance sector. Thus, you can function as an Accountant, Bank Teller, Trust and Investment Banker, Bank Administrator, and much more after taking up this course. Other roles that you can pursue are Portfolio Management, Property Management, Supervision of Unit Trusts, etc.

Certificate in Finance Accounting and Taxation

This course duration ranges from 1 month to 6 months, depending on the institute. Data analysis, calculations, understanding of the latest taxation laws, which are integral to the working of an organisation and even the country, are all a part of this programme. Pursuing this course lays the groundwork for a career in finance and taxation. You can work as an Accountant, Assistant Manager, Taxation Policy Analyst, Revenue Agent, Personal Financial Consultant, and others.

Certificate in Financial Modelling

This is another popular programme falling under Certification Courses after 12th Commerce with a duration of 1-6 months. It covers handling an organisation’s financial status, identifying business opportunities, and increasing profits. It also involves generating budget goals and improving operating costs through smart financial strategies. You can join financial services and startup financial markets. You can be a Project Finance Manager, Audit Manager, Business Analyst, Group Manager, and others.

Business Analytics Certificate Programme

As the name suggests, this course involves analytics in the field of business. Spanning 3-6 months, it includes understanding consumer behaviour and market trends. Thus, it involves analysing and interpreting a huge amount of data to enhance business outcomes. This field combines data analysis, nosiness strategy and technology for this purpose. Therefore, you can be a Programme Manager, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Market Research Analyst, Management Consultant, and much more.

Certificate in Stock Market

Certificate in Stock MarketWith a duration of 3 to 1 year, this certificate course, needless to say, deals with the stock market. A coveted programme, it deals with understanding every aspect of the stock market when it comes to investing in it. It involves understanding concepts about stocks of different companies and the most effective trading technique. You can also learn about how the international stock market functions. After doing this course, you can work as a Stock Market Analyst, Equity Dealer, Stock Broker, etc.

Certificate in MS Excel

One of the most popular and best short-term courses in Commerce, it spans from 2 weeks to 8 months. As we know, this is the software that is most widely used in the market today. It helps businesses manage, organise and analyse data quite efficiently. The complexity of handling a huge database is simplified by this software. Therefore, after doing this course, you can get into accounting, project management, finance, technology, education, administration, and many others.

The above are some Certification Courses for Commerce students to pursue after Class 12. These courses typically prepare students for their future career paths and also bolster their basics of the field. Thus, if someone wishes to pursue their CA or CS or any other professional course, doing a short-term course is helpful. TG Campus offers some Foundation Courses that help students strengthen their basics as well. Whatever it is you wish to pursue, taking a short-term course is always beneficial.

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