Why Microlearning and Online Videos Became So Popular?

Today, we often see children watching educational videos on mobile phones or tablets. While many older people may scoff at this behaviour, it isn’t a bad thing. Research shows that individuals are more productive when using smartphones or other smart devices. Online learning has also evolved with this in mind. Recently, microlearning and online videos have become popular educational tools. Many online educators choose to create short, video-based courses to engage with students. To better understand these trends, let’s take a look at why they have become so popular.

Understanding the Popularity of Microlearning & Online Videos

1. It’s Personalised

PersonalisedCookie-cutter classes are a thing of the past. Educators are ready to offer one-to-one live sessions and make an effort to personalise each class. Microlearning involves just 5- or 8-minute sessions. So, educators can easily customise the material for each learner. Similarly, teachers can ask students what their interests are and create videos accordingly. By doing this, educators can make the most of their online learning videos.

2. It Accelerates the Transfer of Academic Skills

Educators use technology to encourage active learning. So, they encourage pupils to interact with learning materials instead of just listening to the teacher. There are several games, quiz apps and videos that educators use for this.

3. The Human Attention Span Is Declining

In 2000, humans had an average attention span of 12 seconds. Today, the number has gone down to 8. People will not pay attention to content for a long time. That’s precisely why microlearning and online videos have become so popular. Learners are more likely to pay attention to short intervals of time rather than longer ones. Since videos are dynamic and graphics continuously change, they can hold attention for longer.

4. A Demand for On-the-Go Training

on the go trainingFlexibility is one of the crucial advantages of online learning. Learners can fit their classes around their busy schedules. Today, corporates are also moving towards microlearning. These short sessions allow employees to learn while commuting. So, instead of spending work hours in day-long training sessions, employees can utilise their time wisely.

5. It Promotes Exploration

The use of microlearning and online videos promotes long-term learning. These methods of online instruction encourage learners to seek out new information. Recently, a survey showed that 73% of people in America thought of themselves as life-long learners. These individuals always want to explore new disciplines and add to their existing knowledge base. Online videos and microlearning allow them to do this with ease.

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