Boost Learner Performance in Online Quizzes with One Simple Trick

Online educators are always looking for ways to help their students succeed. They create videos, source compelling reference materials and even develop online quizzes to help in this endeavour. Many of these methods increase retention. However, a recent study shows that educators can boost student performance in online assessments with a simple adjustment. A research team from the University of Illinois carried out this study. They found that short feedback videos can significantly improve test performance.

The Importance of Short Feedback Videos in Online Quizzes

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Richard Mayer is well known for the correct answer. Finally, the third group received feedback in the form of a multimedia video. His theory of multimedia learning. According to him, we remember only about 25% of what we read. Conversely, when we see pictures, videos or graphics, we retain far more.

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Based on this, the University of Illinois research team, led by Dr Adam Fein, wanted to check the impact of multimedia feedback. They divided 295 microeconomics students into three groups and administered an online quiz to them.

Part 2

The first group was the control group. If these students answered a question incorrectly, they received only verification feedback. These students only received feedback informing them that the answer was wrong. The second group received text feedback along with Measuring the impact of the various feedback methods was not easy.

Part 3

Researchers decided to check how students answered subsequent questions on the same topic. They believed this allowed them to measure the impact the type of feedback had on each group. According to the research, just telling students if their answer was right or wrong made no impact at all. Students who received text feedback were 3.4 times more likely to answer the next question correctly. Students in the third group, who received multimedia feedback, fared the best. They were 5.3 times more likely to answer subsequent questions correctly. Further, researchers could prove that the results remained true for learners of all ages. The findings did not change based on the gender, language or level of education of the students.



As we can see, the study was conclusive. Verification feedback can measure a learner’s progress. But, it does not impact their performance. Meanwhile, detailed text feedback can improve a student’s test outcome. But, multimedia feedback definitely works best. Using videos that combine visual and audio elements will boost retention and increase online test scores. Currently, studies checking the impact of the quality of these multimedia videos do not exist. For now, we can assume that even simple multimedia videos work better than no video at all.

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