Last-Minute Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 10 Students

The CBSE Class 10 Boards are coming up in a few days, and pupils are already stressed out about how to approach the exams. If students organise their exam preparation, it is simple to perform well in these exams. Plan a last-minute study strategy in addition to regular preparation throughout the year. Use our expert-recommended CBSE Class 10 preparation tips to boost your understanding and memory.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is not to over-pressurise yourself in order to reduce tension before exams. The student often benefits little from going over the curriculum several times, but last-minute planning may make all the difference. Following is a look at some advice for you when taking your CBSE Boards this year, depending on whether you studied enough or not.

For incomplete syllabus

Here are some suggestions for those who are finding it difficult to complete the entire syllabus:

1) Setting priorities

CBSE Class 10 preparation tips: Setting prioritiesStudents can concentrate on core courses like Mathematics, Language, Science, and Social Science. This is possible if they keep the vocational subjects, which do not demand much concentration, at bay.

2) Subjects that guarantee easy scoring

CBSE class 10 subjects that guarantee easy scoringIn the language papers, in the CBSE Class 10th Board exam, you can easily get points for unseen passages, letters, essays, and the grammar section. The literature portion does need your attention, but you can focus on your grammar and writing part first. This will help you secure your marks within the allotted time. If there is still time after that, go back and work on the challenging ones.

For completed syllabus

You must strategically employ your exam breaks if you have completed your syllabus. Here are some pointers to boost your comprehension and speed.

1) Mathematics

It is simple to forget theorems and equations over time because Maths is a subject that contains both. Therefore, it is advised to practise at least five questions from each chapter every day.

2) Theoretical subjects

Science and social science are two areas that need significant revision shortly before the exam. Therefore, scan all of your diagrams, notes, and maps.

3) Language subjects

Try to practise your language as much as you can to prepare for tests. You need not limit your attention to books. To succeed in these topics, practise writing letters, essays, and grammatical sentences.

The best way to improve your problem-solving skills is by practising CBSE 10th sample papers regularly. It is easy to score high in your Class 10 CBSE Boards with the correct preparation, practise, and mental strength. You need to behave and think like a topper in order to succeed.

Here are some habits to adopt in order to achieve your ideal board exam outcomes:

  • Make notes for your own research
  • Never cram; comprehend concepts instead
  • Specify reasonable goals
  • Follow your schedule diligently
  • Adopt continuous practise and improvement
  • Maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule
  • Use time management techniques
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

Attempting the 10th Board can be scary and overwhelming. Thus, remember to take a breather from time to time to stay focused and motivated.

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