How to score 100/100 in CBSE Class 10 Mathematics?

Difficult, daunting, boring, call it what you may. But Mathematics is a very important subject that is an integral part of our lives. Though viewed with skepticism and even fear, it helps in developing analytical as well as logical thinking early on. Plus, it is easy to score 100/100 in it always. You only need to study right, and you achieve it…even in Class 10. Therefore, if you are in your CBSE Class 10, here are some ways how you can score a 100 in CBSE Class 10 Mathematics.

Know and cover the entire syllabusKnow and cover the entire CBSE class 10 syllabus

You must know and understand the syllabus thoroughly and focus only on the Class 10 CBSE Maths syllabus. This will make it easy for you to cover it in its entirety. Be aware of the sections/topics that are important and carry weightage. This way, you can decide how much time you will devote to each section. For instance, if questions from a section will carry only 5 marks each, you need not spend much time practising sums/problems from there.

Jot down formulas, theories, methods

Remember, Mathematics contains all formulas, concepts, methods, and theorems. We suggest you keep a separate book to note down all these. And, do keep this book handy, for you can read these even while on the move. Besides, jotting down something in your own writing helps you remember it better. Moreover, this practise is very helpful for last-minute revision as well.

Refer to NCERT books only

Make the NCERT study material your best friend. This must be your first choice as these books contain everything that you need to know and study. This material covers everything in the syllabus, is well-presented and is simple and easy to understand. In fact, almost 40% of the questions in the exam are almost direct ones from the NCERT books. Therefore, we suggest that you complete studying from the NCERT book first. Also, do go through every solved example in this book.

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Be self-reliant and find solutions on your own

It’s perfectly alright to go through and understand problems. However, it is better to solve them on your own. While you may learn the theories and concepts easily, you must also know how to apply them smartly. And that you can polish only through solving problems yourself. You must do this at least 3-4 times over a period of time to score 100/100 in Maths.

Spot and work on your weak areas

We all have our weak areas in each subject. This is true even for Mathematics, and it is very important to know what these are. When you become aware of your weak areas, you can focus on them and strengthen them well before the finals. Scrutinise your pre-board and class tests’ answer sheets and see where you have made errors. Work on fixing them, which will help you score full marks.

Practise, practise and revisePractise and revise CBSE class 10 mathematical concepts

Experts advice that solving problems often helps in mastering mathematical concepts. Therefore, practise all you can to get a hold of them. And, you have to be regular at this. If you give it a break, then you will certainly forget what you’ve learnt, and you will have to start afresh. Thus, solve at least 10-15 problems daily to be thorough and have a firm grip on all the problems.

Polish your time management skills

Excellence in time management is the key to scoring full marks in Maths. Therefore, solve Class 10 Maths sample papers and take mock tests frequently. Also, prioritise your time as per the importance and weightage of each topic/question. Scoring 100/100 in Maths requires diligent and continuous revision. Hence, devote time to solve problems every day, even when you have scheduled to study another subject on that day in your timetable.

Maths is definitely a scoring subject, and proper planning goes a long way in boosting your chances of that. Accessing and solving sample papers of Class 10 Maths with solutions and Class 10 Maths model papers is highly recommended. Along with this, follow the above tips and achieve your aim of scoring 100/100 in Maths.

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