Achieving True Interactivity in Online Learning

Online learning is all about engaging with learners. As an educator, you must create content that allows you to achieve the highest levels of interactivity in online learning. But, this is no easy feat. To create an engaging lesson, you need to think about how each of your learners absorbs content. To help you build the ideal online learning course, here’s a look at some ways you can boost interactivity in your online classes.

Boosting Interactivity in Online Learning

Very often, students engage with courses that allow them to explore the content in their own time. Educators who keep up with the latest trends and update their content regularly will see higher interaction levels than those who don’t. Here are some interesting methods you can adopt to boost interactions with online learners:

Get Groups Involved

Groups involvedEvery good online course involves group work. By asking learners to work with each other, you give them a little bit of freedom. Students can use discussion boards or even social media to talk to each other and share their learnings. They can discuss interesting findings or even ask educators for some guidance. When you hand over the reins to the learners, they will get more involved with the content.

Try Branching Out

Branching out

For years now, authors have used branching techniques that put the reader in charge of the journey. Recently, OTT platforms tried something similar. They allowed viewers to pick what should happen next. You can apply a similar policy to your online classes. Once you create all your lessons, you should allow students to choose how they complete the course. A student might decide to complete Module 4 before starting Module 2, depending on their previous knowledge of the topic. When students control the pace and how they learn, you will see higher levels of interactivity in online learning.

Test Frequently

Test FrequentlyFrequent tests let your students know that they have to pay attention. By incorporating a short assignment or quick quiz after each lesson, you can promote interactivity. Learners who are committed to the process and want to do well will engage with the content. Once they learn and understand the topic, they will easily ace the tests. A single exam at the end of the course will not garner similar results.


GamificationGamification has emerged as one of the most popular online learning trends. Educators can blend their learning theory with gamification. By doing this, they will improve engagement levels amongst students. Incorporating elements like scorecards and badges in your classes will encourage students to get involved with the content.

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