An Educator’s Guide to Battling Online Learning Fatigue

People have been learning exclusively online for almost a year now. While many learners enjoy the online process, others find it incredibly taxing. Many educators have perfected the art of informal online learning, but they still struggle with online fatigue. When it comes to battling online learning fatigue, teachers need to get a little creative. Before we look at some easy ways to fix the common online learning issue, let’s learn more about online learning fatigue.

What Is Online Learning Fatigue?

After spending long hours in online classrooms, learners may start to feel exhausted and stressed out. These are classic symptoms of online learning fatigue. A perpetual state of fatigue or weariness can prevent students from enjoying the learning experience.

Guide to Battling Online Learning Fatigue

Here are some easy ways you can fight online learning fatigue:

Keep It Short

Keep It ShortFor many educators and learners, microlearning has become the ideal strategy. These short courses provide information in just five or ten minutes. Typically, teachers use videos and other graphics to convey the information to their students. Since each lesson barely takes 15 minutes, learners do not feel overexerted. Additionally, they find it easier to concentrate for shorter periods. Here, learners have the opportunity to take breaks at regular intervals before getting back to the course.

Be Flexible

Educators must understand that their learners often have other responsibilities. So, instead of creating mandatory synchronous classes, they should offer some flexibility. Have live lessons once or twice a week, but allow students to catch up on recorded lectures at their own pace. By doing this, teachers let their learners take charge of the process. They do not have to sit down and study when they are already tired.

Add Playful Elements

Add Playful ElementsA common online learning myth teachers believe is that their classes should be formal. Corporate training programmes also fall prey to this belief. By adding activities or gamified elements, educators allow students to learn without any stress. When educators choose to do this, their learners feel like they have a community. Education no longer feels like a solo activity.

Build a Community

While battling online learning fatigue, educators need to ensure that learners do not feel alone. Very often, the isolation is what drains students of their energy. Instead, allow for group work, games and peer reviews. When learners get to interact with others, they realise they are not alone. They know they have people who can help them out whenever they feel stuck or exhausted.

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