The Best Ways to Deliver Assessments While Teaching Online

Everybody became familiar with the world of online education in 2020. When a pandemic forced schools and colleges to close their doors, educators and learners met online. Over the last few years, teachers have found online learning trends they can rely on to create classes. With these fail-safe techniques, they deliver engaging online courses to a variety of students. But, many educators struggle while working on assignments. They cannot figure out the ideal way to administer assessments while teaching online. Luckily, we can help. Here’s a look at how educators can test their online students with ease.

Delivering Better Assessments While Teaching Online

Keep Things Informal

Many online students miss the casual conversations and pop quizzes of in-person learning. While teaching online, educators can administer informal assessments. It could be as simple as posting a question on a discussion board. During live classes, online teachers can have quick quizzes. Or, they can ask each student a question or two in each lesson. Educators can even use elements of gamification to enhance the learner experience.

Check for Plagiarism

PlagiarismMost teachers use essays or other long-form questions as assessments while teaching online. Subjective answers help educators better understand their students. But, they run the risk of getting plagiarised content. Before assigning such tests, educators must invest in a good plagiarism checker. There are many available online today. Once the teacher receives an assignment, they have to run the text through the checker. The system will flag any information that has been copied directly from online sources.

Pick the Right Learning Management System (LMS)

Educators who worry about assessments while teaching online should find the ideal LMS for their needs. They should opt for one that has an in-built testing function. With a platform like TG Campus, educators can benefit from our robust testing and analytics features. Through the platform, they can quickly deliver assessments and even recognize which learners need more assistance.

Use Timed Exams Carefully

Timed ContentOnline educators use timed exams to prevent learners from cheating. Unfortunately, these situations can cause a lot of stress for students. Whenever teachers opt for timed exams, they must provide learners with the same time as a traditional classroom. If possible, they should offer students a bit more time if they are struggling with the format.

Check-In with Students

Once educators deliver assessments while teaching online, they need to check on their students. They should ask if their learners have any questions or queries. Students will appreciate the help. They will also realize that they can approach their educators whenever necessary.

Educators looking to create engaging courses for digital natives can sign up with TG Campus. The platform comes equipped with excellent testing and analytics. Educators can deliver assessments while teaching online through the portal and benefit from the real-time analytics provided on student performance. Teachers can use this information to understand which learners need additional assistance. They can use the analytics and insights to modify their classes. With TG Campus, delivering online assessments is easy!

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