Guide to Collaborating Online Successfully

Whenever an educator mentions a group project, learners let out a collective groan. Some students are apprehensive about letting their peers influence their grades. Others may get awkward in social situations, making it difficult for them to work in a group. Learners dread working together offline, and collaborating online is no different. Thankfully, we have some solutions. Here’s a look at how online students can succeed in group projects.

Guide to Collaborating Online

Take the Lead

In group projects, one learner must be willing to take the lead. As soon as you get assigned to a group, pick a project head. If somebody volunteers, great. If not, have a vote or use an online randomiser to decide who should become the leader. Once selected, the group head should delegate tasks and keep track of deadlines. They must ensure that every individual pulls their weight.

Review Tasks Together

Review Tasks TogetherAfter selecting a group leader, the first thing you need to do is review the task at hand. Call for an online group meeting to discuss the notes the educator provided. Have the group head read out all the instructions. If a group member has a query, try and solve it internally. Sometimes, you may want to clarify some project details with the instructor. Ensure that only one student takes on this role. Have them speak to the teacher and report back. Once every individual completes their work, call for another review meeting. Look at the project together and ask for constructive criticism. Remember, the outcome will affect every individual’s marks. Be open to feedback and ensure you have every member’s approval before the final submission.

Stay on Track

In offline scenarios, group members can quickly check in with each other every day. While collaborating online, daily updates may not be possible. Luckily, you can use several free online tools to delegate tasks and get notified when they get completed. Use these tools to ensure that every learner knows what they need to do each day. In case an assignment takes more than a month, schedule weekly update meetings. Use the time to ensure everybody has a clear idea of the next steps.

Find the Right Tools

Find the Right ToolsIn our post-pandemic world, collaborating online is easy. Several tools allow multiple people to work together from remote locations. Free applications like Google Suite or paid applications like Office365 can make group work quicker. If you opt to study online with TG Campus, you can use the tools available on the platform. Our group discussion boards and live meetings make it incredibly easy for learners to complete their work on time.

Group projects have become an online learning trend that educators can rely on at all times. Teachers use collaborative assignments to encourage participation and improve social skills. If you’d like to work together online successfully, you can sign up with TG Campus. Our educators often use group work to create immersive learning experiences. Additionally, the platform provides learners with all the tools required to work together with ease.

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