How to Create Engaging Courses for Digital Natives

Online education has been around for a long time. But, the people who are currently benefitting from this system are known as digital natives. They’ve grown up with technology and have made internet-based classes more popular. While this should make online learning easier for everybody, it’s hurt old online learning modules. Educators now have to create engaging courses that encourage learners to interact with the content. While we’re sure you understand the importance of using videos in online learning, it may no longer be enough. If you’re struggling to engage with younger students, we’re here to help. Here are our tips on creating online lessons specifically for digital natives.

Tips to Create Engaging Courses for Digital Natives

To ensure your online classes appeal to the new audience, you should:

Promote Tech-Enabled Collaborative Learning

Group work is essential to every good online learning course. But, it doesn’t require students to meet face-to-face or send each other lengthy emails. Students can now collaborate online quickly and efficiently with the help of various tools. As an educator, you can start by educating your learners on the kind of tools available. Then, every time you assign a group project, allow your students to figure out what works best for them.

Adopt Gamification Techniques

GamificationIf you don’t know what gamification is, you need to get on board right now. Several online courses use quests, leaderboards, badges and points to motivate learners. When you gamify a chapter or topic, you present the information to your students differently. Throughout the game, learners come across situations where they have to apply what they’ve learnt. Gamification is one of the easiest ways you can create engaging courses for your students.

Test Often

It may seem counter-intuitive, but tests and quizzes could help your online class. Regular assignments and assessments will give you an indication of how much students retain what they’ve learnt. If learners know there will be a quiz after class, they’re more likely to pay attention. But, you shouldn’t always be the one asking questions. To promote a healthy and safe learning environment, encourage students to clear doubts and queries.

Give Students Control

Give Students ControlNew-age learners are self-motivated. They need to learn at their own pace. So, let them control their journey. Ask students to come up with a personal plan to achieve all your course objectives. You can provide the subject matter and additional support, but they’ll do most of the heavy lifting. When you let learners control the journey, they’re more likely to cross the finish line.

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