Advantages of Using Personalised Content in Mobile Learning

We customise everything around us for our comfort and convenience. So, it’s natural that learners also seek personalisation when it comes to online learning. In personalised courses, educators understand each student’s learning style. They then create content specifically for them. Educators can use microlearning and online videos to build engaging lessons. But, online education is evolving. Instead of desktops, students study on phones while on the move. So, educators must find a way to use personalised content in mobile learning as well. Doing this could improve retention and help learners master the skills required to succeed in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using customised content in mobile courses.

Advantages of Using Personalised Content in Mobile Learning

It Allows for Flexibility

FlexibilityMobile learning provides students with ample flexibility. Learners who have full-time jobs or other responsibilities can benefit from this. Personalised mobile lessons allow students to learn at their convenience. When content becomes available round the clock, learners feel motivated to engage with it. Today, almost every individual owns a smartphone that connects to the internet. These devices allow people to catch up on classes during their daily commutes.

It Promotes Learner Independence

Mobile learning relies on quick lessons that are easy to consume on the go. Most mobile courses consist of several short microlearning sessions. So, each learner can pick and choose the classes they’d like to attend or complete. They will make decisions based on their prior knowledge of the subject. Once students select their lessons, they are in charge of their learning experience. They will feel independent and more confident about their choices.

It Caters to Unique Learning Styles

Unique Learning StylesEvery great online learning programme will cater to more than one learning style. As an educator, you must build content in multiple formats to create personalised content in mobile learning. Remember, every student learns differently. Some might prefer listening to audio files, while others rely on videos. You can also support your learning theory with gamification to boost learner engagement. Don’t forget to add written resources to all your classes. Students can use the notes you provide to supplement their learning.

It Allows for Targeted Learning

Each learner will join your course for a different reason. So, you must personalise their learning journey to help them achieve their goal. To do this, you need to create courses on a platform that allows you to track user activity. Every student should have a profile that lets you check their performance and learning habits. You can then provide each individual with a personalised learning path. The path you provide should help them accomplish their goals.

If you’d like to create personalised mobile courses, you can register with TG Campus. Our platform supports multiple media formats. So, you can build engaging content for every type of learner. The TG platform provides cutting-edge analytics that helps you gauge a learner’s performance. You can use the information to identify areas of weakness and personalise the learning experience for them.

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