Do’s and Don’ts for JEE Advanced 2022

As is well-known, for engineering aspirants, the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is the most important one. And, quite a few among them aim to grab a seat at one of the IITs. However, as we know, to do that, one has to appear for the JEE Advanced, which is conducted by the IIT. This year, aspirants will appear for the exam that is to be held on July 3, as long as they fulfill these five criteria laid down by the IIT. But, no matter how well-prepared you are, or even if you have taken the JEE Main online coaching earlier, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to JEE Advanced. We cite them here…

Lets’ see the Do’s first for JEE Advanced

Recognize and categorize the questions

While preparing for this competitive exam, you have surely solved previous years’ question papers. Now spot some resemblances in them to gauge the weightage given to each chapter/topic, concept, or question that gets repeated through papers. Spot similarities and focus on them, which will make it easy for you to solve the actual paper. Remember to segregate the questions into three types –

  • Easy
  • Difficult
  • Not to attempt

Use this method while solving mocks and the questions paper, which will in turn ensure that you score high marks in the actual exam.

Time management for comprehension questions

Time management for comprehension questionsThis year, the exam will include comprehension questions. In this, there will be a paragraph given, based on which you will have to respond to multiple questions. Now, this can be slightly complex as these questions can be lengthy, may take a lot of time, and may even be inter-lined. To solve such questions, you must understand their very core. Understanding them will help in answering them accurately in a stipulated time, thus helping you score. Hence, focus on these questions while practicing before the exam and while solving the actual paper.

Previous years’ question papers

Now we know you must have taken numerous mock tests to get acquainted and accustomed to the pattern, structure, etc., of the paper. You must have taken the best online coaching for JEE Advanced that has surely ensured this, however, it is equally important to solve previous years’ question papers. Solving these helps you enhance your knowledge of the subject as well as think ingeniously. Remember, the exam pattern may have changed through time, but the problem level remains as it is. Thus, we suggest solving question papers of the past decade or so. This will give you more insight into the exam pattern and also build up your confidence level.

Avoid negative marking

Avoid negative markingJEE Advanced 2022 will have negative marking and there are ways to avoid getting marked this way. For this you must be aware of the mistakes you make and to know this, it is important to take mock tests. Analyzing your mocks and working on the areas where you make mistakes will help you avoid the same. However, even so, if in doubt about an answer, look for other choices and then evaluate. If you are unable to arrive at a conclusion, it is best to skip it and attempt the next one. However, you must be very confident of your decision as it will decide if you will or won’t get a negative marking.

We mentioned what you should ‘do’ before the JEE Advanced exam, now

Let us see what you should avoid, i.e., ‘don’t do’

Do not study a complex topic

You are almost ready for the exam but you have one or maybe two topics left that you plan to study just before the exam. Take our advice…DO NOT DO IT. As we know, the syllabus is quite exhaustive and recalling it is itself a challenge for which you have been practicing for months. Now above this, if you do choose to start studying a topic afresh it will turn out to be disastrous. Hence, avoid it completely and instead, revise some formulas or concepts. Or better still, solve another mock test. Ideally, you must ensure that you learned all the topics well in advance to leave you time to revise.

Do not aim to solve the entire paper

We have mentioned how important it is to avoid negative marking and along with that do not aim to solve the entire paper. As we have mentioned earlier, read the entire paper, categorize and segregate questions as easy, moderate, difficult, or do not want to attempt, and then go ahead. We suggest you give time to the primary two categories, and if you do have any time left, solve the other categories. This way, you will avoid negative marking and also score as you will have solved the questions you are most confident about.

Do not procrastinate

This is a very critical habit and must be avoided at all costs. If you have any doubts about any concepts, formulas, or anything else, you must get them cleared at the earliest. Never leave anything at the last minute, be well-informed and have clarity about all topics. Enroll in one of the best online coaching for JEE Advanced and reap its benefits. When you go for online coaching, they will ensure that you are up-to-date with all topics in all subjects as they conduct mock tests periodically and also assess your performance. This leaves no room for any postponement on your part if you are feeling lazy about your studies.

Do not cram all subjects into a single time slot

While studying, do not try to finish all subjects in one session itself. This can lead to confusion and stress. It is best to pick one subject/topic at a time, complete studying/revising it, and then move on to the next. Do take a break of a few minutes in between the two though. This way, you will be able to see how much you have achieved in that time span and evaluate yourself.

Finally, we suggest you keep a positive attitude, stay focused, use the mind map technique, which has proven to be very helpful, take a 10-minute break every one hour, and of course, indulge in your hobbies to refresh your mind. If you have taken the JEE Main online coaching, it will certainly have prepared you for the Advanced exam. Be methodical, sincere, and follow the above do’s and don’ts, and you will be set for the JEE Advanced.

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