Top 10 study tips for NEET 2022

The NEET 2022 is scheduled to be held on July 17, 2022, and there’s very little time left for further preparation. Even if you have enrolled in NEET coaching classes, you have to always stay motivated and study diligently to score high marks. To make it easier for you to prepare yourself for this entrance exam in only a month, we have some tips that will ease any anxiety you may have.

1) Get acquainted with the syllabus

The first step is to know the syllabus thoroughly to avoid any confusion later. Knowing the syllabus will also help in making a proper study schedule besides understanding the topics that are covered in the NCERT books. This in turn will help you identify your weak and strong areas.

2) Prepare a schedule…that is realistic

Yes, you may already have a timetable in place since the time you started preparing for the exam, but now revisit it. You may have to modify it according to your preparation over the past months. Divide the syllabus, keep time for breaks, revision, and clarifications and utilize your time prudently.

3) Chalk out a strong strategy

Merely preparing a realistic schedule is not enough…chalking out a good strategy for the schedule is critical to scoring in this entrance exam. Thus, focus on preparing a different strategy for each subject. Enrolling in NEET coaching classes will help you in the qualitative study.

Some tips for subject-wise study:

4) Read and make notes

If you think you will remember all that you are reading, while studying, you are mistaken. Making notes while reading will help you remember concepts and topics better as it will be in your own handwriting, explanations, and short form. Also, making notes will help you in your revision.

5) Determine the subject that needs more time

While preparing, acquaint yourself with the difficulty level of each subject and your strengths and weak areas in each. This way, you can focus and devote more time to that accordingly. Enrolling in the best online coaching for NEET 2022 will help you get a perspective on this.

6) Make time for revision

As much as you have prepared, you cannot undermine the importance of revision. Since you have been preparing for months, by now you have gauged the time you take to revise each topic or subject. In fact, you should devote about six to seven hours daily only to revising.

7) Select the right books including NCERT

Undoubtedly, NCERT books are the base for all NEET students as the concepts and topics are explained in detail and in a very simple langue in them. Besides these, you can also refer to others that cover all topics and explain concepts with clarity.

8) Solve previous years’ question papers

This is one of the best ways to practice for the real exam. Solving previous years’ question papers will give you insights into the type of questions asked in the exam. Also, this way, you will be able to evaluate your weak and strong areas and focus on them accordingly.

9) Give mock tests

Giving mock tests will prepare you for the exam structure while also helping you assess your preparation. Mock tests are modeled on the actual exam in every way, hence, you will get used to the real one when you take them. We suggest you enroll in NEET coaching classes for these tests.

10) Assess yourself and learn from your mistakes

You may think that solving previous years’ question papers and taking mock tests will more than prepare you for NEET. However, get your mock tests evaluated by your tutors or experts, as then you can spot your mistakes, assess your performance, and take steps to fix the errors.

Cracking the NEET is definitely an uphill and difficult task and scoring high marks is an even bigger task. However, with proper planning, serious and sincere studying, and a focused mindset it can be achieved. While the above points are important, do remember to take care of your health and indulge in some hobbies to refresh and re-energize yourself. Besides, for your preparation, joining a course certainly helps and TG Campus offers the best coaching for NEET online to help you sail through this tough entrance exam.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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