Final Month Preparations for JEE Advanced

Aspiring engineers who want to secure a seat in India’s premier IIT institutes must appear for the JEE Advanced examination. Most students spend several months or even years on their JEE Advanced preparation. Without proper guidance, students end up making mistakes while preparing for the JEE Advanced. Even after a year of studying, if candidates do not revise well in the last month, they may not get the rank they want. Here’s a look at how students can prepare in the final month before the JEE Advanced exam.

Final Month JEE Advanced Preparation

Planning It Out

With just one month to go, students must create a schedule. Instead of long-term goals, they should opt for short-term ones. For example, they should target completing a single topic in a day. Short-term goals are easier to achieve. So, candidates will likely stick to their plans. By working out a schedule, students give themselves enough time to revise before the paper.

Confirming the Syllabus and Paper Pattern

Confirming the Syllabus and Paper PatternStudents must double-check the syllabus before they start their final revision. In case of any changes, they still have enough time to cover up previous lapses and prepare well. While gearing up for the paper, candidates should familiarise themselves with the paper pattern. They must read up on the distribution of questions and the marking process as well. All this information will allow them to prepare to ace the exam. Ideally, students must complete JEE mock tests to master the paper pattern.

Solving Previous Papers

Students should attempt previous papers to revise the entire syllabus. Additionally, candidates can time themselves and become familiar with the exam-like situation. By solving old exams, students can gauge what kind of questions or topics to expect. They can also assess which areas they need to work on a little more.

Staying Fit

Staying FitDuring JEE Advanced preparation, many aspirants neglect their overall health. Apart from study time, candidates must also include time to exercise and sleep well. Students must eat well and exercise to stay healthy during the month before the exam.


Students who spend all their time studying will likely burn out before the exam. So, they must take some time to relax and rejuvenate before the paper. Something as simple as taking a walk every day or listening to music can help candidates relax during their preparations. Yoga and meditation are also great ways to refresh. By keeping their minds at ease, students can study better and ace their JEE Advanced exam.

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