Everything You Need to Know About the Class 12 Commerce Course

Young people today know what they want to achieve right from school. Many students decide whether they want to be doctors, business executives or entrepreneurs before attempting their board examinations in grade 10. A commerce course in classes 11 and 12 can enhance your understanding of the business world. Our Class 12 Commerce Course can give you the boost you need to kick-start your future. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about our course:

Q: Who can sign up for the TG Campus Class 12 Commerce Course?

A: Students who have completed their 10th standard exams and want to pursue a career in commerce will benefit the most from this course.

Q: What subjects are covered by the course?

A: During this course, you will study:

· Accountancy

· Organisation of Commerce and Management or Business Studies

· Economics

· Mathematics and Statistics

Q: How much time is dedicated to each subject?

A: The time spent on each subject depends on the complexity of the topics. Accounts takes the most time, while the other subjects have equal distribution, ensuring you get the knowledge required to excel.

Q: How long does the course take?

A: This is a one-year course that provides you access to 436 hours of lectures and 100 hours of tests.

Q: How many students are in a class?

A: To ensure that every student gets adequate attention, we limit our batches to a maximum of 20 students.

Q: Who are the tutors for the course?

A: We have four experienced tutors with a cumulative teaching experience of 17 years to help you through the course. We have separate tutors for accounting, mathematics, economics, and law and economics.

Q: Will I be able to clear my doubts?

A: Absolutely! When you sign up for the course, we promise at least 178 hours of doubt removal.

Q: When does the course start?

A: Generally, we start our batches in May every year. You can check the details on the TG Campus website and sign up for the next course as soon as seats become available.

Q: What are my options after completing this course?

A: Many students who complete this course sign up for the CA Foundation Course. Others may choose to pursue careers in business or become entrepreneurs. The knowledge you acquire during this course can benefit you later, irrespective of what you do.

Q: How does studying on TG Campus benefit me?

A: When you choose to study online on TG Campus, you can enjoy several benefits. Firstly, our tutors provide real-life case scenarios, helping you get a better understanding of the subject matter. We also provide reference materials and textbooks that our experts have created especially for you. The materials include information on the regular school syllabus as well as competitive exams you may want to take in the future. Our platform has a safe virtual environment where you can meet with tutors for over 300 hours of classes and get your doubts cleared with ease. You can also use our robust discussion forum to talk to your peers and share your ideas.

Written by Today's Geniuses
Today’s Geniuses comprises of all the members of TG Campus. It includes IIT Alumni, PhD holders with fellowship and Subject Matter Experts, creating an enthusiastic bunch of Geniuses who are driven by their passion to empower learning.