Study Tips for 11th-Grade Science Students to Maximise Their Score

You’ve recently entered Class 11 and have Science as your stream. And each stream comes with its own challenges. Since Class 11 is supposedly a more advanced level than the previous classes, the syllabus is more in-depth. Hence, you also have to deep-dive into it and revisit your approach to studying. Many students find it difficult to navigate through this, which leads to anxiety. Here, we give you some effective and solid tips on how to study in 11th Science.

Know the syllabus well

To begin with, it is very crucial to familiarise yourself with the syllabus of Class 11. If you feel that since you studied concepts and formulae in Class 10, you’ll find it easy now, think again. The Class 11 syllabus is quite advanced and comprehensive, and you must really know and understand it in-depth.

Make a study plan

Class 11th Science tips - Make a study planHaving a solid study plan will give you a clear perspective of the time you must devote to specific topics and chapters. This is one of the best ways to streamline our studies in a way to help you score in the exams. Do keep the timetable flexible as you move forward to make more time for your weak areas.

Write down, make notes

This is a powerful way to retain and recall what you’ve studied. When you write down something in your own words, you understand it better and hence, remember it for longer. You must also revise your notes daily and also highlight the key areas of that topic.

Avoid rote learning

The syllabus of Class 11th Science has complex concepts, which take time to understand. However, we suggest you focus on gaining an understanding of these and avoid memorising them. Understanding the concepts will help you remember them better. Also, focus on how to apply these concepts.

Mix it up

We suggest that you study two subjects a day to keep it fresh and interesting. Keep alternating between the two, as this will keep boredom away and help you stay efficient. It will help you cover the syllabus well and build on your focus. Take a theoretical subject and pair it with a practical one.

Use the correct reference books

11th Grade Science study tips - Use the correct reference booksFocus on selecting the right reference books. Avoid moving directly to the advanced ones, as building on your knowledge base is essential. Refer to the NCERT books first, as these cover most of the syllabus. You must spend time with your books as these will be an integral part of your academic future.

Practise to be perfect

This is an age-old saying that practise makes you perfect, and it is true when it comes to studying as well. The more you practise, the better you will get at it, especially when it comes to Science and Maths subject in 11th. Solve questions, equations, and problems to master them.

Get your doubts cleared

You will have doubts while studying but leaving them unaddressed will do no good. Hence, get all your doubts cleared by your tutors at the earliest and seek their help in anything you need. You can also connect with your peers to discuss a topic.

If you’re a Science student, there is no need to worry. These strategies help in increasing scores in your Class 11. Along with these, there are some other points to keep in mind as well.

  • Make your study space comfortable and inviting to study
  • Avoid packing in too much in your daily schedule to give enough time to each activity
  • Take periodic breaks while studying to stay refreshed
  • Indulge in physical activities to stay physically and mentally fit
  • Eat nutritious meals and get enough sleep to stay healthy

The syllabus of Class 11 Science is advanced and more comprehensive than the previous grades. However, it need not be daunting as there are ways to organize your studies in a way that will help you garner high scores. Besides, if you join a coaching class, it will greatly aid in enhancing your overall studies. TG Campus has a solid online course that is detailed and offers in-depth study material as well. Besides, TG Campus also offers short and intense chapter-wise online programmes for Class 11 Science. These courses not only aid in your studies but also build your overall confidence about the subject and exams. We recommend enrolling in it to boost and fortify your studies.

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