How to Prepare for JEE 2024 in Class 12?

The Joint Entrance Examination, or JEE as it’s popularly known, is one of the most challenging exams in the country. This pan-India entrance exam for admission to engineering courses in prestigious institutes is taken by lakhs of aspirants each year. The number keeps rising, and this makes the exam more competitive than ever. Therefore, if you’re planning on taking the JEE, it’s best to start early. This means in your Class 12, to have an edge over others. Here are some tips for JEE 2024 preparation to boost your studies for this exam and Class 12 Boards.

Chalk out a plan

Begin by drafting a solid study plan for the three subjects of JEE – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Remember, all three are equally important and allotting equal time for each one is necessary. However, do keep the schedule flexible as, going forward, you may want to alter it. It largely depends on how much time you take to study and master a particular topic, and you may need more time for one.

Know the syllabus

Be thorough with the JEE Mains syllabus and be aware of the different topics in each subject. The JEE syllabus comprises the curriculum of Classes 11 and 12 Science. There may be some other topics besides these. You must be aware of these and start preparing accordingly. We suggest referring to the syllabus released by the NTA for this. Also, this will only help you prepare for your Class 12 as well.

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Know the exam pattern

Next, it is important to be aware of the exam pattern as well. Therefore, get acquainted with the marking scheme, the negative marking, or no loss of marks. You must also know about the questions that carry more weightage, frequently asked questions, and such things. You can divide the topics according to how easy, moderate, or difficult they are and plan your study schedule accordingly.

Make your own notes

JEE 2024 preparation - Make your own notesJotting down key points and writing in your handwriting is very important as well. When you make your own notes, it helps you understand the topic better and retain it for a longer time. These notes are especially useful while revising, and you can revise them daily after class. Writing down what you’re learning is a great way to reinforce and memorise it.

Join a coaching class

If you think that merely studying consistently and sincerely will help you score high marks in JEE, think again. While discipline is crucial, we suggest you enrol in a good coaching class to aid your preparation. It will also help you approach your experienced tutors to get any doubts resolved, that too, promptly. TG Campus offers some excellent online classes for JEE that prepare you for this exam in every way.

Good reference books

JEE 2024 preparation - Good reference booksUsing good reference study material is also important for JEE 2024 preparation. There are loads of reference books in the market. Therefore, you must be sure about what you pick. You can check with your tutors about which books to choose. Also, the NCERT study material is the best, and we suggest you stick to it. Besides, your coaching institute will also provide you with good study material.

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Stay away from rote learning

Many students feel that if they memorise concepts and formulae, they will be able to reproduce these accurately. This is a big mistake, as you are bound to forget if you indulge in rote learning. Therefore, avoid it at all costs and focus on understanding concepts, formulae, and key points. Also, understanding concepts will help you in their application in problem-solving.

Craft a strategy

This is crucial to completing your syllabus on time and mastering every subject and topic. Hence devise a solid study strategy and set short-term study goals. Create subject-wise or topic-wise strategies as you move ahead in your preparation. This way, you will learn about how much time you need to devote to a particular subject and topic therein. Also, it will help you meet your long-term goals.

Mocks, sample papers and previous years’ papers

Take as many mocks as possible and solve past years’ papers. Also, solve sample papers, which your coaching class will provide. All these give insight into the level of your preparation, your weaknesses, and your strengths. You will also build your speed and accuracy, helping in overall time management. TG Campus offers all these and has an excellent JEE test series to aid your prep.

Rewind and revise

Revision is a must, as it fortifies and reinforces what you’ve studied. Repeatedly studying what you’ve learnt will help you in retaining concepts and formulae for a longer time. Use flashcards to revise concepts and go through your own notes. This will help strengthen what you’ve learnt as well. Also, avoid learning anything new during your revision, as it will only hinder your learning.

While these tips are crucial to your JEE journey prep, there are a few others are must be followed and never be undermined as well.

  • Taking enough periodic breaks while studying
  • Eating nutritious meals and drinking enough water
  • Getting enough as well as quality sleep
  • Indulging in hobbies and interests
  • Spending time with family and friends

To conclude, if you’re harbouring JEE dreams, it is wise to start early. JEE is a difficult exam, no doubt, and your Class 12 is also a crucial year. However, the above tips will help you in preparing for the entrance while also studying for your Boards. TG Campus offers an intense and in-depth online programme for Class 12 that prepares you for the Boards as well as classes for the JEE. TG Campus also has some excellent JEE previous years’ question papers download that are free for practice. Preparing for the JEE and Class 12 Boards need not be daunting and overwhelming if done with some smart strategising.

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