Tips for Handling Anxiety and Stress While Preparing for IIT JEE

There are several competitive exams, and IIT JEE is one of the toughest and also one which most students aim to clear. However, preparing for this tough exam needs diligent and sincere study for years, dedication, and even a strategy. Sticking to a study schedule and keeping your focus clear is very important if you are aiming for IIT JEE. Enrolling in good JEE online classes will surely help you in your preparation. But, along with preparing for the exam, you do tend to get anxious and feel stressed out because of the pressure. We tell you how to manage these feelings while preparing for this competitive exam.

Engage in a physical activity

You have been burning the midnight oil during your exam preparation. However, it will take a toll on your physical and mental well-being sooner or later. To avoid this burnout situation, do engage in some physical activity, such as yoga, which will keep your mind, body, and spirit calm and balanced. This will also help you to keep your concentration and focus intact.

Do take small breaks

Studying continuously for long hours can be quite stressful, and the vast syllabus too can be overwhelming. Add to that the JEE online classes that you have been taking. All this can leave you depleted of energy, and after a point, you will find yourself getting demotivated and losing focus. Thus, to ensure productivity and to make optimum use of your time, take short 10–15-minute breaks every hour.

Mock tests

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Yes, that’s correct…mock tests. The one thing that will keep you on top and in control is the great mock test. We suggest you take as many as you can. They are a sure-shot way of preparing for the exam and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, will help you to improvise in the areas you need to and keep you well-prepared for the actual exam. Being absolutely ready will naturally cut down on your stress levels, keeping you calm and peaceful.

Communicate with family, teachers, friends

You may be very sincere, serious, and focused regarding your preparation but do remember that no two days are alike. There will be some good days and some when you will feel rather low and lost. But do not fret…reach out to your family, friends, teachers, and even peers to talk about what is troubling you. Talk about your problems and listen to their suggestions and advice carefully. Sharing your troubles will help you feel light from within and stay positive.

Eat and sleep well

A nutritious and healthy diet will help you in staying mentally and physically strong and fit. A study also suggests that nourishing meals are directly linked to higher marks in exams and attentiveness. It also results in improved memory, as well as fast processing of concepts. Besides eating right, it is also important to get enough sleep, which must also be good quality sleep. Here too, research states that proper and enough sleep fosters creativity and boosts cognitive performance. This, in turn, reflects on the way you perform in the exam. Even if you may have enrolled for the best JEE online coaching, these two factors are important in preparation.

In a nutshell, keep the following in mind while preparing for IIT JEE that will help you stay away from anxiety:

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Getting anxious and stressed while preparing for such a difficult competitive exam is natural. However, following the above tips will make it easy or at least drastically cut down these feelings before your exams.





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