How to Use Mind Mapping in Online Education

In today’s digital world, everybody knows about the benefits of online education. Remote learning allows students to follow their schedules and enjoy personalised lessons. Educators rely on online learning trends to build engaging courses. But sometimes, students may feel overwhelmed with the wealth of knowledge they gain online. Many learners find it hard to cope with asynchronous lessons as they cannot always clear doubts immediately. Thankfully, these students can use mind mapping in online education to enhance their experience. Let’s take a closer look at mind mapping.

What Is Mind Mapping?

A mind map appears like a flow chart or diagram. It visually represents how one concept relates to another. So, learners can create these mind maps to quickly and efficiently organise information.

Mind Mapping in Online Education

Let’s see how online learners can use mind mapping:

Lecture Notes

Very often, educators present information in non-linear formats. They may go off on a tangent or include information that does not directly lead from one point to the next. While creating notes, students can use mind maps to connect the dots and create a seamless flow. These mind maps also make it easier for learners to review their notes while studying and revising. They can summarise all the key concepts in an easy-to-read mind map.

Flow of Ideas

Flow of IdeasMany individuals choose to complete their higher education online. So, they may have to work on their thesis or research papers in isolation. In such situations, mind mapping in online learning can come to their rescue. Learners can use mind maps to plan the flow of ideas for a research paper. Students can start with their thesis and then create a map that includes supporting evidence and sources.

To-Do Lists

Mind mapping can even enhance something as simple as a to-do list. The central bubble can say ‘To Do’. Branches then lead to each class and what tasks are pending. For example, a student may need to decide on a research topic for one subject, turn in an assignment for another or post on the discussion board for a third. With a mind map, they can keep track of what they need to do next.

Presentation Organisation

Presentation OrganizationWhile making a class presentation, students must remember to stick to the point. Creating a mind map can help. They can create a logical flow of their speech and organise their thoughts efficiently.

Group Projects

A mind map allows groups to keep track of tasks that every group member has to complete. The mind map can start with the name of the project with branches leading to each task. Subsequent branches will detail the name of the learner responsible for that task.

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