Tips to Ensure Success for Your Online Training Programme

In today’s post-pandemic world, online education is no longer limited to school or college courses. Even large corporates now complete their training programmes online. But, not every online training programme succeeds. Very often, corporates struggle to keep their employees engaged. After all, there are various things to consider before learning or training people online. Here’s a look at how corporates can ensure their online training programme works well.

Ensuring Success for Your Online Training Programme

Ask the Management for Ideas

Corporates often outsource their training programmes. Industry experts or eloquent speakers steps in to deliver the required information to employees. But, their superiors or managers do not get involved. Once the online training programme is ready, the managers review it. Sadly, this approach of creating isolated training programmes never works. Instead, managers should be a part of the planning process. They should decide what their employees need to know. Managers should learn how to continue the employees’ education outside the virtual classroom. Additionally, they must have all the tools required to assist those struggling to complete the training.

Be Precise

Be PreciseWhen it comes to employee training, many corporates make the mistake of providing too much information. They talk about history or vaguely related concepts to provide employees with an overview of the business. More often than not, the exercise is a complete waste of time. People only require information that directly impacts their job performance. When employees get bombarded with irrelevant information, they lose interest in the programme. Instead of having text-heavy slides, encourage employees to participate in activities.

Connect to the Real World

All the information in your online training programme should have real-world applications. Instead of telling employees that a particular process is better, show them how it helps them save time. Every time you introduce a new concept, tell them how it directly affects their life. Remember, if the employees do not use what they learn within a few months, they will forget.

Consider Customisations

CustomisationsAdult learners have slightly different needs than school or college students. You must provide them with some autonomy to make decisions. Create an online learning environment, where the employee chooses how they want to proceed. Every individual learns differently. Some may choose a self-directed programme, while others may prefer a live virtual session. As far as possible, provide employees with options. When they decide how to move forward, they feel empowered and motivated to complete the training programme.

Build a Little Trust

Employee training has evolved over the years, but it still has some issues. Most corporates offer intense, 3-day programmes that employees must attend for eight hours every day. These training courses end with quizzes or tests that assess how much they have learnt. But, tests cannot accurately gauge real-world performance. Instead of forcing employees to stick to your routines, give them some autonomy. Trust that they complete the courses without asking them to pass a quiz or test. Let their performance reflect what they have learnt.

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