How to Crack JEE 2024 in the First Attempt?

Every competitive and qualifying exam can be tackled effectively with dedication and perseverance. This goes for the engineering entrance exam – the JEE. Lakhs of aspirants take it each year and harbour dreams of garnering a high score to secure a seat at a prestigious institute. And many students fail to acquire the desired results in their first attempt. However, there are smart ways to do that and sail through the JEE Mains the very first time itself. Here, we give you some tips to crack IIT JEE and also the Mains.

Start your preparation early

The sooner you begin your prep for the exam, the better prepared you will be for it. When you start early, you will have enough time to complete the syllabus. This means, you will have enough time to resolve any doubts or get help with any difficult concepts and problems. Therefore, we suggest you start your JEE prep from Class 11 and schedule time for its study in your daily routine.

Be well-versed with the syllabus

Now, even before you begin with your prep, it is very important to be thorough with the syllabus. The syllabus is vast, and it is necessary to understand it well. Get familiar with the topics and key concepts and get a thorough understanding about them. Also, acquaint yourself with the paper pattern and marking scheme. Learn about the weightage of marks as per topics and themes.

Craft a study plan

 Craft a study plan for JEE 2024 preparationCreate a solid and powerful study schedule for every subject and even every topic. However, be realistic about it and craft an achievable one. Allot equal time to each subject and be flexible in the plan as well. You may want to revisit it and realign some subjects or topics based on how fast you are able to grasp them. But, do give enough time to every topic and concept.

Choose the correct study material

It is very crucial to have the right study material in place. There are many reference books out there, and at times, it can get confusing when you see too many. But, your best bet is the NCERT study material. These books cover the entire syllabus in detail and in depth. Also, all the concepts are covered in these books in an easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, NCERT rules!

Create your own notes for every chapter

This is one of the most important tips during your preparation for the JEE Mains and even Advanced. When you write down something you tend to retain it better and longer. Therefore, jot down key concepts, important points and make brief notes to refer to later for each chapter. Keep a separate notebook for this and revise these notes regularly.

Revise as much as you can

Another important point is revision. Be sure to revise every topic after you finish studying it. Make your own notes while revising, and cover all the main concepts in all the topics. Also, devise a strategy wherein you revise a topic every week. Create weekly, fortnightly and even monthly revision schedules. Remember, repeatedly revising a topic will help in remembering it for a longer time.

Focus on concepts and theory

It is imperative to know all the basic concepts very well. If you are unclear about these, you will most likely get stuck in one question for a long time, which will eventually cost you precious minutes. Therefore, be thorough with the basics. Also, the JEE exam is numerical and also has theory. So, if you have a clear understanding of theory, it will make it easy to solve numerical questions.

Practise with mock tests and previous years’ papers

Practise with IIT JEE mock tests and previous years’ papers‘Practise makes a human perfect’. This adage is true even today and in every aspect of life. Taking mock tests, solving previous years’ papers and sample papers. These will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and will also help in developing your speed and accuracy. Besides, you will learn about the important topics and the ones that carry more weightage.

Work on your time management

Being disciplined and staying organised is very important for good time management. Also, being aware of your level of preparation is necessary. You can get an insight into your progress through mocks, solving sample papers and past years’ papers. As mentioned, doing this will up your speed and accuracy, thus aiding your time management skills.

Focus on quality over quantity

When it comes to concepts, take each concept at a time and understand it thoroughly. Avoid taking all topics at once as it will only pressurise you mentally. Whereas, understanding each concept properly will help you cut down on time taken for an organised learning approach. It will also bring clarity about the concept, thus preventing any confusion.

Be clear about your basics

This is perhaps the most crucial and important points to adopt and follow. You may put in long hours of study day in and day out, but it will all come to naught if you’re not clear about your basics. It can seriously hamper your performance. You may get confused in the middle of an answer, which will lead to a loss of time. Being clear about the basics will also help you in managing your time well.

Enrol in online classes

All of the above points will get a tremendous boost when you join an online class for JEE coaching. You can opt for a self-study course or a regular one as per your convenience. TG Campus offers the best JEE coaching that includes an expert and experienced faculty. The courses are designed to suit your time. Features include numerous doubt-clearing sessions, chapter tests and assessments and others.

Being under pressure and experiencing anxiety is natural when you are preparing for a competitive exam such as the JEE. However, along with hard work, it is important to sleep well, eat right, and spend time with family and friends. Besides, joining the best coaching for IIT in India, such as TG Campus, aids greatly in this endeavour. Also, adopting the strategies we mentioned and staying positive at all times is sure to help you excel in this exam.

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