Crucial Tips to Follow Before Attempting the JEE Mains Exam

Appearing for any exam can be a little unnerving. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness are common among students. However, it is necessary to stay calm and check and recheck some aspects that can easily be forgotten in oversight. This is all the more important if you are taking an entrance exam like the IIT JEE Main exam. Therefore, here are some important things to remember before appearing for such a test.

Get enough sleep

A night before D-day, be sure to get enough sleep and quality sleep. Avoid studying throughout the night, as this will only lead to you forgetting the answers. Since you’ve stayed awake the entire night, your mind will not be fresh, and hence you will not be able to concentrate. Besides, deprivation of sleep also results in poor retention of memory. Therefore, sleep well and on time.

Drink enough H2O

Drink enough H2O before JEE Main examThis is crucial at every stage, especially when you are appearing for an exam. If your body is not well-hydrated, it can result in sluggishness, loss of energy, inability to focus, fatigue, headaches, and disturbed sleep. Therefore, ensure that you drink enough water a day before the exam and during it as well. Take some sips between sections during the exam as well.

Stay away from the screen

This is one of the most important points in your JEE Main preparation. Too much screen time, especially the night before your exam for a long time, may hinder the production of melatonin. This hormone aids in our sleep or waking up. The blue light that emits from the devices such as mobiles, computers and television can hamper the production of the hormone and hence your sleep pattern.

Double-check your exam centre

You certainly do not want to spend time looking for your exam centre on the day of the exam. If you leave to the last minute, you may end up looking for it longer than you thought. This, in turn, can result in a delay in reaching the centre. Therefore, visit the exam centre a day or two before the actual day. This will make you aware of the time it takes to reach it and the distance you must cover.

Be sure to keep documents handy

Be sure to keep documents handy before JEE Main examDo check that all your documents are easily accessible. Therefore, ensure that your admit card or hall ticket is handy. Apart from this, check the pencils, erasers, rulers, pens (blue and black), and other essential stationery that you must have with you. Also, do remember that mobile phones, calculators and other such devices are not allowed in the exam centre.

Other important paraphernalia

This includes a coloured printout of your admit card/hall ticket on a regular sheet of paper. Also, do carry a passport-size photo of yourself that is the same as the one on your application form. Carry your original identity proof, such as your Pan Card, Aadhar Card, or any other, with you. Very importantly, if you do happen to fall under a specific category, be sure to carry that certificate as well.

The above points are what must keep in mind just before the exam. However, some tips on what you must remember during the exam will benefit you as well.

  • Read the paper thoroughly and avoid rushing to complete it
  • Read all instructions carefully and follow them
  • Read and understand each question carefully
  • If some question is confusing, approach the tutor for a clarification
  • Be aware of any directions and understand how many questions must be attempted
  • Always attempt the easy questions first so that you do not spend more time on one question
  • Keep your eye on the time – Remember, the section on Chemistry can be solved in about 40 minutes, and you can spend more time on the Mathematics and Physics sections

The JEE Mains is a tough and competitive exam that lakhs of students take each year. While your hard work will certainly pay off, you can even opt for JEE preparation online by enrolling in a coaching class. However, following the tips we mentioned here will help in staying calm and relaxed just before the exam. It will also help in answering your papers strategically and boost your confidence.

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