Last-minute Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Commerce Students

Anxiety, nervousness, stress, and all these emotions are synonymous with Class 12 exams. No matter which stream, every student experiences them. And, the Commerce stream is no different. If you too, are a student of Class 12 Commerce (CBSE) and prepping up for your exams, here are some last-minute exam preparation tips to ease your pressure.

Keep your study space clean

Last-minute Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 Commerce - Keep your study space cleanWhen exams approach, it is natural that your study space is full of reference books, study notes, stationery, and other such paraphernalia. However, all this clutter will only make you anxious. Therefore, ensure that your study space is neat and clean. This will help you keep your focus clear and sharp all the time.

Follow your study schedule

You’ve obviously made a study plan when you started studying and have even stuck to it. Now, you must revisit it and craft a fresh one, depending on where you’ve reached with your prep. Or, you can simply tweak your existing plan and divide your time wisely between all subjects. Also, you must squeeze in time for meals, sleep, relaxation, and even exercise.

Revise, revise and revise

Last-minute Preparation Tips - Revise, revise and reviseOne of the key last-minute study tips for CBSE Commerce Class 12 is revision. You have to keep revising every topic consistently if you wish to perform well in the exam. Read every chapter/topic several times, understand the concepts, and jot down the main points separately. Revise these at the last leg of your prep, which will also boost your confidence about the subject in general.

Practise solving sample papers

This is another main tip that will help you ace your exam. Solving CBSE Class 12 Commerce sample papers will acquaint you with the paper pattern, exam structure, and marking scheme. Also, this helps in self-assessment, identifying your strong and weak areas, and ups your speed and accuracy. It also builds your confidence while developing your analytical abilities.

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Boost your analytical and logical thinking

Your concepts have to be very clear. To achieve this, write them down in your own words while learning, which helps in understanding them better. This, in turn, helps polish your analytical and logical abilities. It will also aid in understanding how to apply these concepts, which is crucial to presenting your answer. Also, after you jot down concepts, revise your notes to sharpen them further.

Avoid rote learning at all costs

When engaging in last-minute study, you may think that it is a good idea to simply cram up all that you’ve learnt. You must avoid this at all costs. Rote learning will only make you forget what you’ve tried to memorise. Instead, understand each topic and focus on applying your knowledge. This is crucial to securing a high score in the exam and will ensure that you perform well in the exam.

Overall, if you put in diligent study daily and are consistent with it, you are sure to beat the competition and garner a high rank. We especially stress about solving CBSE sample papers for Class 12 Commerce as these will sharpen all your skills simultaneously. Focus, sincerity, and enough time to indulge in other activities is the key to staying calm and excelling in your exam.

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