Exam-day Tips for CBSE Class 12 Students

Class 12 exams are an important feature of every student’s life. This applies to students of every Board, even the CBSE Board. More so because scores in these exams often give an idea of a student’s abilities, skills, and level of preparation. However, rote learning and memorising do not help in securing good scores and a high rank. Certain specific exam-day tips for CBSE Class 12 will help students get an edge over others and excel in their exams.

Use the first 15 minutes well

CBSE 12th exam day tips: Use the first 15 minutes wellWhen you receive your question papers, use the first 15 minutes to study it well. Go through it thoroughly and segregate the tough, easy and fairly easy questions. This will also help in determining the questions you know the answers to so you can solve these first. Also, understand the marking scheme while studying the paper. Doing this will help in deciding the time limit for each question, which largely depends on the weightage of each section and the questions therein.

Prioritise your questions

Often, the CBSE exam papers include internal choices, where selecting the right option is important. Therefore, you are advised to choose wisely by picturing the answer first and choosing the one you are confident about. Avoid choosing a question at random, as this may result in your losing marks. Also, attempt all questions at all costs. Remember, there is no negative marking, and hence, you can safely answer all questions. But do read the questions properly before answering.

Tackle the easy ones first

CBSE 12th exam day tips: Tackle the easy ones firstAlways focus on solving the easy questions first, as you will be quick to solve them. As you know the answer to a question, answering it will also boost your confidence. However, be very clear while mentioning the section and question in your answer sheet to avoid any confusion. You can dwell on the difficult questions at the end as you can now pay complete attention to these. Read these questions well and try to make a smart guess. Answer prudently by using keywords and technical terms.

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Keep your answers clear and concise

Be sure to write your answers clearly and keep them to the point. The answers must be presented in an easy-to-understand manner and must be concise. Besides, avoid colouring your answer sheet with markings and pointers. Stick to only one pen colour and leave enough space between your answers. Also, do not fill the answer sheet with words for the sake of it. Keep it simple, crisp, well-structured, and maintain uniformity in your presentation.

Use the last 15 minutes wisely

When you follow the above steps, you will have these last minutes to check your answer sheet thoroughly. Do it! Revise your answers during this time and check for any spelling errors and silly mistakes. Check if you’ve entered your details properly, your roll number, question numbers, sections, the number answer sheets you’ve attached, and other such details. This activity will help you avoid any small slip-ups and even big ones.

Revision is an integral part and an important point in the CBSE Class 12 preparation tips for 2023. Also, an important part of the preparation journey is solving CBSE Class 12 past papers. However, practising some smart strategies while writing the exam helps greatly in garnering a high score.

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