Last-minute Tips for CBSE Class 12 Science Students

You are needed to complete the entire CBSE 12th syllabus before the end of February. This will give you more time to study and practise before the real exam. You will perform well on the CBSE Class 12 examinations if you have a good strategy. By the time the exam day actually arrives, you should have finished reviewing key chapters for your boards or practising past exam papers.

Here are a few last-minute exam preparation tips for CBSE 12th Science:

For Maths

CBSE class 12 Maths Preparation tipsSince it makes up the majority of entrance and scholarship tests, Maths is a crucial subject for students in all streams. It can help students acquire the logical thinking necessary for careers in engineering, chartered accounting and statistics.

  • Solve a CBSE Class 12 past paper in the allotted time the previous evening
  • To secure your score in the exam, make sure to tackle the long answer questions for 6 marks
  • Create formula flashcards for a quick on-the-go revision

For Chemistry

 CBSE class 12 Chemistry Preparation tipsThe structure, characteristics, and composition of matter are covered in the most crucial area of science in Chemistry. It comprises important chapters like Chemical Kinetics, Coordination Compounds, Electrochemistry, and others.

  • Before entering the examination room, to revise, prepare a sheet with equations, reactions, and the periodic table of elements
  • Solve a CBSE Class 12 past paper in Chemistry a night before, within the time limit
  • Make sure to revise chapters that carry a lot of weightage at least two hours before the exam

For Physics

CBSE class 12 Physics preparation tipsThe scientific study of motion, light, electricity, radiation, or gravity is included in Physics. It comprises topics such as Electromagnetic Induction, Current Electricity, Wave Optics, and others that are important to cover.

  • Create cheat sheets with formulas, definitions, and relevant laws so you may quickly review them before the test
  • A day before the test, make sure to practise the Physics CBSE Class 12 previous year’s papers
  • In the exam, remember to use SI units wherever necessary

For Biology

CBSE class 12 Biology preparation tipsThe study of plants and animals is known as Biology. Botany (the study of plants) and Zoology are the two main areas of Biology (the study of Animals). Additionally, Biology includes Microbiology, which is the study of microbes. To make the most of this topic, make sure to follow the tips suggested:

  • Write down explanations, terminology, and diagram labels in your notes for easy study
  • A day before the test, practise Biology CBSE Class 12 previous year’s paper.
  • Create a strategy to cover topics based on the marks distribution to manage time during the actual examination

You can now study hours before your exam with the help of these subject-specific last-minute study tips. These will ensure that you do not forget or black out while writing. Do not forget to practise the CBSE sample paper for Class 12 Science regularly after you have finished studying the required syllabus. This will ready you for the other upcoming entrance exams you may take to enter the engineering or medical fields.


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