5 Smart Tips to Create the Perfect Study Space

A good and comfortable study space is paramount for focus, concentration and achieving your daily goals. In this day and age of technology, online learning is gaining immense popularity, and most of the studying is done at home. Therefore, it becomes very important that your study space is warm and welcoming to attain optimum productivity. We share ways to make and keep it that way.

Make it comfortable

Now, you want to be comfortable while studying, as you’re going to spend a good many hours in this space. So, choose a cosy corner in your room or home and make this your personal corner. Have a good desk and an ergonomic chair (it is designed for comfort and efficiency). Make sure that you can rest your feet on the floor or have a footrest as well.

Keep it clutter-free

Be sure to keep your study desk and corner free of any clutter. Keep only essential items such as your study material, books, dictionaries, stationery, and other required supplies. All these must be within your reach when you need any of them. Staying organised will help you get what you need, when you need it, easily as you will not have to sift through a pile of things.

Ensure there’s enough light

Perfect study space tips - Ensure there’s enough lightYour study time is the most important part of your life as a student. Therefore, your study corner must also have enough light and be comfortable. If you are studying during the day, ensure you have enough sunlight streaming in. If you are a night owl, be sure to keep a properly functioning desk lamp with a good voltage that gives enough light. Always make sure that you aren’t straining your eyes.

Keep it free of any distractions

Perfect study space tips - Keep it free of any distractions It is necessary to stay away from distractions while you’re studying to concentrate and focus. Therefore, make sure that your study corner is free of any distractions such as loud noise, games, TV, social media, and even your smartphone. You may want to use your phone’s calculator. In such a case, put it on silent mode or airplane mode, and receive calls only if they are important.

Keep distracting sounds at bay

Background noise can be daunting and disturbing for some, but others can do with this ‘white noise’. If you need complete silence while studying, make sure there are no sounds coming in at the time. But, if you are one of those who likes the sound of rain or some light music while studying, so be it. Discover what works best for you and include it.

Creating a welcoming study space boosts focus, concentration and productivity while studying. Along with the above, we cite some more tips to enhance this corner.

  • Personalise it with a potted plant, photos, posters, signs and inspirational quotes
  • Keep it only for studying and avoid doing any other activity there, such as snacking
  • Keep it clean, neat and tidy in order to boost your mood and feel good
  • Go for the sensory experience with a scented candle or essential oil (if you love a good fragrance)
  • Keep a lovely clock to keep track of time and stay focused

Remember, your study space is where you will be spending most of your time and keeping it in top condition and inviting is up to you. So, make it the best space or corner in your home.

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