Dos and Don’ts to Follow Before a Competitive Exam

Exams are challenging enough, and competitive exams are more challenging than others. The day before such an exam can result in anxiety, nervousness and stress. But knowing what must be done and what must be avoided can help in easing out the worry. Here are some dos and don’ts before exams that you must follow to be stress-free.


Look into important topics

Browse through important and/or difficult topics one last time. So, you can scan facts, figures, concepts, and formulae again.

Flashcards, graphs, flow charts

Only refer to flashcards, graphs, flow charts and diagrams at the last minute. This will help you grasp information faster and spot the connection between topics easily.

Revise but actively

Competitive exam preparation - Revise but actively While revising key points, do it actively. This means reading them out loud as this will help your brain to register what you’re reading better and longer.

Look at sample papers

Refer to sample papers and past years’ papers to relook at complex questions and their frequency through the years. This will help you remember the kinds of questions that are mostly asked.

Meditate to relax

It is natural to feel stressed and anxious. It is best to practice meditation and even do some yoga to tackle these feelings. This will help your mind stay calm and feel relaxed.

Eat nutritious meals and drink enough water

 Eat nutritious meals and drink enough waterThis is very crucial to help boost energy and stay healthy. Therefore, eat nutritious and balanced meals and gulp down enough H2O to stay mentally and physically strong and fit.

Get a good night’s rest and sleep

It is important to get a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed and energetic the next day. So, sleep on time and get an uninterrupted sleep of 7-8 hours the night before the exam.

Whether it’s the JEE or NEET preparation or any other competitive exam, there are always some ‘Dos’ to be followed. Similarly, there are also some ‘Don’ts’ that we cite below. These points will help you to avoid mistakes before exams.


  • Do not start or look at any new topic at the last minute.
  • Do not skip meals, as it can have a negative impact on your health.
  • Do not solve numerical questions when looking at sample papers.
  • Do not look at any social media a day before the exam.
  • Most importantly, do not panic and try to remain calm.

What we mentioned above are the key tips to adopt and follow a day before a competitive exam. But do remember that there is no fixed rule or strategy regarding that. Every student is different, and different things suit different people. So, find what suits you best and follow it. Also, when it comes to sample papers and past years’ papers, TG Campus has all that you need online. So, you can aid your last-minute prep with these. Having said that, it’s natural to get confused and feel stressed, but the above tips are basic pointers that will ease your worries.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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