7 Effective JEE Preparation Strategies to Help You Boost Your Scores

The Joint Entrance Test, or JEE, is a highly prestigious and competitive exam that is your ticket to leading engineering institutes in the country. The fierce competition only gets fiercer with each passing year as the number of aspirants keeps rising. Hence, garnering higher scores gets more important than ever. So, how do you work on getting high scores? What are the tactics and tricks that you can adopt? Read on to know all about the JEE preparation strategy that will help you boost your scores.

Focus on scoring topics first

It is vital that you focus on the high-scoring topics first. To secure admission to one of the leading engineering institutes, you must garner 90-98% in the JEE Mains. Therefore, make high-scoring topics your priority. For this, be thorough with the JEE syllabus and learn about the key areas that carry more weightage than the rest. Hence, create a solid study schedule based on this and stick to it diligently.

Pay attention to scoring concepts

Devise the best ways to solve problems. Concept-building is a major step in securing high scores; hence, focus on understanding the concepts instead of memorising them. Focus on concept clarity, which makes it easy to comprehend them and subsequently apply them to solve problems. Start with the basic and simple ones first, which will boost your confidence, and then move on to complex ones.

Refer to the best study material

JEE preparation strategy - Refer to the best study materialThere are many reference books in the market and do learn about the most popular ones before picking any. However, the NCERT study material is the best as it is simple, easy to follow and covers the entire syllabus, among other things. It is also the best one to strengthen your fundamentals. Therefore, focus on acquiring and referring to the best books and make NCERT the centre of this.

Make your own notes and use study tools

Create your own notes on crucial information such as formulae, dates, equations, graphs, and other such details. You can refer to these notes a few days before your exam, which will save you precious study time. Also, you can use study tools to understand and retain important information. You can use flashcards or online notebooks for this purpose.

Stress and focus on revision

JEE preparation - stress and focus on revisionRevision is a must to reinforce what you’ve learnt. So, you can craft a revision plan to suit your study pattern. Use your handwritten notes to revise, as doing this will help you retain better and longer. Make revision a daily practise and allot a time in your schedule for it. Look for mistakes and focus on your weak areas to gain a better understanding of these. Revision will also build your confidence.

Focus on speed and accuracy

These are very important to get good scores in a competitive exam like the JEE. So, take mock tests as they give you a sense of the real exam environment. Also, solve past years’ question papers, JEE Main question papers, and sample papers. These will acquaint you with the actual paper pattern, the marking scheme, frequently asked questions, and more. Doing this will also help build your speed and accuracy.

Join a JEE coaching class

Enrolling in an institute while preparing for the JEE has many benefits. You will learn from an experienced faculty who will guide and mentor you and clear your doubts. Also, the institute will offer class notes, tests and assessments, and teach you smart tricks and shortcuts to answer questions. TG Campus offers the best coaching for JEE in its online courses that also help boost your confidence.

Preparing for the JEE may seem like a big challenge, and it is so. However, adopting the above strategies will go a long way in preparing for the exam effectively. Also, along with these, follow a healthy diet, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and spend some time with your family and friends daily. Also, do indulge in your hobbies as well. All this will help you stay refreshed and energised to tackle your studies and the actual exam head-on.

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