Smart and Simple Study Strategies to Conquer the CBSE Class 12 Exam

Class 12 Board exams are always a turning point in every student’s life. The percentage garnered in this exam is the deciding factor for future course of action. The scores decide students’ career path as well as their potential and skills. While students do decide on the academic stream they wish to pursue, they have to appear for entrance exams, which are highly competitive and challenging. Hence, acquiring a high percentage and scores is crucial at this stage. This is possible when students are well-prepared for their CBSE Boards. Here, we cite some invaluable CBSE Class 12 preparation tips for that. So, read on if you are a Class 12 student and are prepping up for your Boards.

Know the syllabus and the exam pattern

First off, get well-acquainted with the syllabus provided by the Board and the exam pattern. Be aware of the topics covered, the topics that carry more weightage, important concepts, marking scheme, and such things. Get familiar with the exam pattern, the total number of questions, and the chapter-wise weightage of marks, as well. Do keep in mind, this applies to all the subjects.

Create a study plan

CBSE Class 12 preparation - Create a study planNow that you are well-versed with the syllabus, create a robust study plan, which is imperative to your exam prep. Break down the syllabus into small chunks, which will make it easy for you to allocate enough time to every topic and subject. Do keep this schedule flexible, as then you can devote more time to topics you find difficult and complex. Be consistent and sincere about following this schedule.

Be clear about concepts and learn formulae

A very crucial aspect of CBSE Class 12 preparation is getting absolute clarity on concepts. Be very clear about these and seek help from your tutors if in doubt about any. Focus on understating concepts so it becomes easy to apply them to problems. Also, learn all the formulae and revise them regularly to solidify retention and recall of what you’ve learnt.

Make your own notes

While studying, create your own concise notes, as these will help you immensely while revising. Jotting down stuff in your own writing helps you remember it for longer and recall it better. So, highlight key points of a topic, summarise sub-topics, and write in your own language to understand the topic better. Doing this is an important aspect of CBSE exam preparation.

Refer to the right books

While there are many books available out there for reference, it is best to stick to the main syllabus book while studying. This book covers the syllabus in its entirety and in-depth. Hence, study from these books only. Do remember that the Board exam question paper is always set based on the syllabus of the main book only. Hence, it’s best to go by these and not look at other study material.

Work on time management

CBSE Class 12 preparation - Work on time managementManaging your time prudently is crucial while preparing for your Boards. You must develop this skill and enhance your speed and accuracy of writing answers. Therefore, start studying early and use your time smartly while preparing for and also writing the exam. We suggest that you start with the high-marking questions and then move to the ones with 1 or 2 marks.

Solve previous years’ papers and sample papers

Solving previous years’ papers and sample papers will give insight into your level of preparation, your strengths and weaknesses and also your speed and accuracy of answering the papers. Plus, it acquaints you with the paper pattern in every way. TG Campus has past years’ question papers with solutions to help you analyse where you’ve reached in your prep and make changes accordingly.

Focus on regular revision

Revising what you’ve learnt regularly is important in your CBSE Class 12 preparation. Revising periodically and consistently helps you retain and recall better and longer. It reinforces your understanding of the topic as well. Therefore, revise important topics, formulae, concepts, definitions, and complex topics. Allotting special time slots for revision helps.

Preparing for the Class 12 Boards is challenging. But, by applying some smart study and prep strategies, you can master every subject and topic effortlessly. Along with the above, there are a few more points we would like to mention to help you in your prep journey.

  • Get all your doubts cleared by your tutors
  • Stay away from distractions such as social media, TV, surfing the internet
  • Eat nutritious meals and drink enough H2O
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Spend time indulging in hobbies as well
  • Indulge in fitness activities to stay physically fit

Class 12 Board exams are a deciding factor and a most crucial part of your academic journey. Therefore, we also recommend getting hold of a CBSE Class 12 question bank and/or a CBSE Class 12 test series that will propel your preparation to another level. This will give you an edge over your peers and also build your confidence about the overall exam.

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