Benefits of Coffee for Students

Insert coffee to begin…this thought may seem whacky and even quirky. But the world of coffee is colourful and vibrant! There’s even a day dedicated to this popular brew.And why not…it has slowly and surely become a staple of most people’s daily morning cuppa. Once the prerogative of the ‘posh’ crowd (at least in India), it has slowly seeped its way into the lives of millennials and Generation Z. And, it serves several health purposes other than being a beverage to be savoured with friends. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of coffee!

Enhances mood and alertness

Kickstarting your morning with a delicious cup of coffee is such a delightful experience. As is commonly known, the caffeine in the brew acts as a stimulant and gives a burst of energy. And, an energy boost is just what you need to start your studies. It helps in staying awake, in turn improving your alertness. Besides, it is a definite mood-enhancer, stimulating a good mood.

Boosts energy levels

Yes, caffeine does energise you instantly, but it also ups the number of vital neurotransmitters in your blood. Thus, you stay alert mentally, get an increased burst of energy, and you also improve your reaction time. With the brew, your neurons can work more speedily. The result…your brain works faster than ever. Hence, you become more efficient while studying.

Enhances attention and concentrationBenefits of coffee: Enhances attention and concentration

Since you get a burst of energy, you naturally become more attentive to the task undertaken. Thus, coffee makes you more attentive and builds up your concentration. It especially helps when you have several distractions around you while studying. You become more focussed on what you are learning, making the entire studying process more productive overall.

Augments short-term memory

One health benefit of coffee is that it boosts your memory. Research suggests that it improves your short-term memory (STM) as it helps you stay alert and reduces tiredness. Hence, while studying sessions that are wearisome, a cup of coffee can spike your STM. This is because caffeine increases the amount of information you store in the STM for recall. Thus, it enables learning.

Helps you stay fit and healthyCoffee benefit for students

Coffee also ups your metabolic rate and aid in releasing adrenaline into your system. Now adrenaline is your ‘fight-or-flight’ hormone, so that rush in your blood is actually good. Besides, the brew is also a great option to burn fat. Apparently, you will burn almost 30% more fat before you start your fitness regime daily. This is one more coffee benefit for students!

However, before you go in overdrive and reach out for the cup for perhaps the nth time, a word of caution. Moderation is the key to everything. Therefore, to avoid overdoing it and to reap its benefits to the optimum, here are some pointers:

  • Around 3-4 cups are considered fine, after which researchers say that benefits dip drastically and problems go up greatly
  • Avoid drinking the brew about 8 hours before bedtime for a good night’s sleep
  • Space out your intake well to even out the dips and rise in focus and energy
  • Reset your tolerance for caffeine occasionally to gain from the brew

Coffee, undoubtedly, has numerous health benefits if taken in moderation. Along with focus exercises to boost concentration skills, this brew is certainly more than a fashionable beverage. So, up your zing quotient with a steaming hot cuppa of your favourite drink!

Written by Today's Geniuses
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