Important Subjects and Topics to Focus on for CSEET

Like all competitive exams, the CSEET is a challenge. Garnering good scores in it is your ticket to a seat in the CS Executive Programme. While studying hard and putting in the effort is always paramount, there are some topics and chapters that enjoy prominence over others. Here, we mention those from the CSEET syllabus that you must focus on more while preparing for the test.

CSEET PapersCSEET Papers

As you know, the syllabus of CSEET comprises four papers:

  • Paper 1 – Business Communication
  • Paper 2 – Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • Paper 3 – Economic and Business Environment
  • Paper 4 – Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce)

Now we will go through each paper and understand what is important therein.

Paper 1 – Business Communication

As is obvious, this paper is about your language skills and will help you score the required aggregate marks. Hence, if your English language skills are good, you will be at an advantage as you can leverage that. In this paper, three chapters are based on grammar and vocabulary, while the rest of the focus is your understanding of the various fields of business communication.

Paper 2 – Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Here, we suggest you focus more on legal aptitude as it includes topics such as the Constitution, Law of Torts, Contract Act, and others, which actually are the foundation. So, make sure to be thorough in this paper.

As far as Logical Reasoning is concerned, it is based entirely on the interest of an individual as some find it interesting and some do not. Thus, if you like this subject, then we suggest that you do not spend too much time on this as you are anyway well-versed in it. Instead, you can utilise that time to focus on another subject. And, if you find this subject difficult to tackle, we suggest that you focus on this more. Practice daily, as the more you practice, the more clarity you will get. This way, you will also become more aware of the kind of questions that are likely to be asked under this topic.

Paper 3 – Economic and Business Environment

You have studied Economics in Classes 11 and 12, and it includes topics such as Budget, Demand and Supply, etc. So, this is fairly clear and covered well here.

The second part of the paper consists of Business Environment, wherein you will be introduced to regulatory bodies. This is important as when you enroll for the Executive and Professional Programmes, you have to be aware and prepared with information about these. You have to know how they function, and this paper covers all of this. Besides, it also covers the role of institutions such as MCA, RBI, and others. Thus, this carries more weightage and must be given importance while studying.

Paper 4 – Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills

However, the biggest fear of CSEET students is Current Affairs. But we suggest you do fret much as you will be taught about all the amendments and other such legalities. Also, anything that is not in the module will be covered as well.

The next segment is about Presentation and Communication Skills. If your writing and oral communication skills are weak, you must work on these daily. We recommend you read the newspapers, listen to interviews, TEDx talks, etc., for reference.

Chapter-wise importanceCSEET syllabus chapter wise importance

We have covered each paper and the CSEET topics that must be the focus. Now let us go through chapter-wise importance and focus on that.

Business Communication

In this, the important chapters are 4, 5 and 7.

  • Concept of Business Communication
  • Business Correspondence
  • Concept of E-Correspondence
  • Common Business Terminologies

Chapter 4 is relatively easy, where the concept and origin of Business Communication are covered extensively.

Chapters 6 and 7 are about correspondence, i.e., business correspondence. These chapters are important because, in the future, you will have to handle all business correspondence concerning an organisation. You will act as a mediator when it comes to all this communication. Hence, both these chapters are equally important as the MIS is given in detail in them as well.

Now Chapter 8 is about terminologies, and many times, you will be asked questions regarding them. This chapter covers Latin maxims and the legal terminologies that are used. Therefore, you make sure you are thorough with these as well.

Economic and Business Environment

  • Basics of Demand and Supply
  • Indian Union Budget
  • Indian Financial Markets
  • Key Government Institutions

As mentioned earlier, Chapter 1 covers topics you have already studied in Classes 11 and 12. Hence it is important to be thorough in it.

Chapter 3 about Union Budget is important as well, as ‘budget’ is a topic that every Commerce student goes through. However, this chapter covers everything that you must know about budget.

Chapter 4 on Indian Financial Markets covers the different types of banks, insurance companies, public sector banks, and more. This is important as you will have to study IRA regulations and banking regulations. This chapter creates your foundation for those topics.

Chapter 8 about Key Government Institutions is crucial as it talks about the functioning of these establishments. In the future, you will have to deal with all these government institutions, and it is imperative to be aware of how they operate.

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

  • Legal Aptitude
  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian Contract
  • Law of Torts
  • Elements of Company Law

Chapters 1, 2 and 4 are very important here. Again, as we have mentioned earlier in this blog, the entire topic of legal aptitude is important. This is the foundation of your entire Executive and Professional journey. Hence, we suggest you make this paper your best pal and focus on it the most.

Now Logical Reasoning, as stated, depends entirely on your interest and the scope you have therein. Thus, you will have to discern what is important for you in this yourself.

Current Affairs

There are only 4 chapters under this topic, and just studying hard and preparing these is not enough. You will have to stay updated with the latest news and happenings. Remember, you can be asked random questions based on the latest events. Having said that, the first chapter in this topic is International and National Affairs. All information about international bodies is covered in this chapter. It is very important to prepare this chapter thoroughly as it is the foundation as well.

We have given you an overview of what carries more importance and hence must be your focus for the CSEET. Along with this, we recommend taking the ICSI mock test for CSEET. Also, consider the above as tips to crack the CSEET in the first attempt as well. Once you are thorough in the above topics, you will be truly well-prepared to crack the competitive exam.

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