Exam Day Tips to for JEE Main 2023

The JEE Main examination is only a day away, and the race has only become intense. With lakhs of students taking this challenging and competitive exam, it all can get a little overwhelming. True, you’ve put in tremendous efforts and long hours of study for it, but on the day of the exam, it is only natural to feel nervous. Therefore, to ease out your anxiety and stress, we cite some JEE Main exam day tips that will help you a great deal.

No new topics on this day

On the day of the exam, no matter what, do not start with a new topic. Simply revise what you know already and focus on your strong points of important topics. If you haven’t had the time to touch up on some topics, leave them out completely. But on this day, concentrate on what you have prepared well.

Be thorough with important formulas and concepts

 JEE Main 2023 exam day tips: Be thorough with important formulas and conceptsEven before you go for the exam, be sure to revise all the important formulas and concepts. Also, revise important points and topics that carry more weightage. Revise and refer to short notes on this day, as you have little time to go through the entire chapter.

Avoid carrying any books or notebooks

When going for the exam, strategically avoid carrying any books or notebooks along. This can create a sense of foreboding and can even make you nervous. Only carry the essentials and your own notes if you wish to skim through some important topics at the last minute.

Avoid discussing your preparation

Stay away from discussing your preparation journey with anyone at all, even friends. Remember that each one of us is different and so is our way of studying and preparing for an exam. Doing this will not boost your performance in any way. It may even make you feel that you haven’t prepared enough.

Stay away from those doing last-minute revision

Make sure to stay away from all those who are indulging in last-minute preps at the exam centre. This is a strict-no-no as it can erode your self-esteem and give rise to anxiety pangs. You have put in your efforts and now it’s time to showcase those during the exam.

Have a positive attitude at all times

JEE Main 2023 exam day tips: Have a positive attitude at all timesFocus on doing your best and stay optimistic. Do not let self-doubt creep in, which can dent or mar your confidence. There is no point in thinking about your performance at the exam as there are no guarantees in life. Therefore, stay positive and give it your best shot.

Meditate to stay calm

Remember to meditate on this day as it calms your mind. Listen to soft, soothing music, which has proven to bring down stress levels. This also makes your mind sharp and helps you focus better. With a calm mind, you will surely be able to tackle the exam with more concentration and optimism.

Don’t take any metallic substance or ornament with you

As per NTA guidelines anything made up of metal is not permitted inside the examination hall. This may include buttons, rings, hair clips, jewellery, belt etc. So, don’t take any metallic substance or ornament with you to avoid the last-minute chaos.

Following the above-mentioned tips for the JEE will help you perform well during the exam. These easily serve as JEE Main guidelines for 2023, and along with them, we give some more pointers.

  • Be sure to use the extra 15 minutes wisely. Devise a strategy of how you will go about solving each section during this time.
  • Read the questions properly, and do not rush to answer them even when you know the answer.
  • Tackle the easy ones first and leave the difficult ones for later. This way, you will be more confident about answering these.
  • Keep your answers short, concise and well-structured. This will garner you good scores.
  • Avoid spending too much time on each question. If you think your spending more time on one, move to the next and come back to it later.

The JEE is a challenge but one that can be surmounted with a smart strategy. Treat the above as JEE Main computer-based exam instructions, and you will sail through it.

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