Easy Ways to Fix Common Online Learning Issues

In 2020, everybody became incredibly familiar with the concept of online learning. For the first time, people were highly aware of the benefits of this education module. After all, it’s been a boon for special needs students for years. Unfortunately, research shows that many students who sign up for online classes do not complete their course. Their education might get interrupted for several reasons. We want to help learners achieve their goals. That’s why we came up with some easy ways to fix common online learning issues. Here’s a look at some common reasons why students do not finish their course and how you can fix them:

How to Fix Common Online Learning Issues

1. Issues Adapting

Students may not be able to adapt to an online learning environment. They might find it difficult to follow their classes or interact with their educators and peers. If you’re using an online learning platform that appears complicated to them, it will make matters worse.


To help your students adjust, you have to make them feel comfortable. Talk them through the kind of experiences they will have online. You can even have a class dedicated to helping them understand the platform you use. Outline each feature and show them how it works. Ideally, you should also provide internet safety tips for online students. All this will make your students feel welcome and at ease.

2. Faulty Expectations

Faculty ExpectationsMany people sign up for online courses hoping it will help them achieve a particular goal. Half-way through, they might realise that the classes are not in line with what they assumed or imagined. So, they will likely drop out.


Be very clear about your learning objectives. Let students know what they will achieve even before they sign up for your course. You can provide a few details about your qualifications as well. Students will be more likely to sign up for an online class if they can trust their educator.

3. Poor Motivation

poor MotivationWhen online classes offer too much flexibility, students struggle to find the motivation to complete their work. After missing a few deadlines, they might lose interest in the course entirely and drop out.


While designing your online course, you should always be strict about deadlines. Test your students regularly and give them weekly or fortnightly assignments. When students complete tasks on time, they feel like they have achieved something. In turn, this motivates them to complete the course.

4. Time Management

Time ManagementMany online learners juggle their courses with other responsibilities. It isn’t always possible for them to dedicate as much time as they would like to their online classes. Poor time management and a few missed classes could lead to students losing interest and leaving the course.


Time management is something your learners will have to fix, but you can help. Create a short course teaching them how to prioritise tasks. You could even send your students model timetables that they can use to schedule their days and weeks.

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