Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

Preparing for the Boards can be a daunting and even stressful task. And, the CBSE Class 10 Board exams are scheduled to be held in a few weeks. However, it need not be a difficult and overwhelming activity. The correct mindset, diligent study, and an effective strategy will see you through this important exam. Read on to know what will help you in your preparation journey.

Acquaint yourself with the exam pattern

Now naturally, you know the syllabus. But do you know what the exam pattern is? If you aren’t aware of it, get familiar with it now. Just being thorough with the syllabus is not enough. You have to know the number and type of questions asked, the marking scheme, sections/topics covered, and which ones carry more weightage, and more. You must be aware of the marking scheme as well.

Make a plan…a study plan

The next step is to draft a solid study schedule. Yes, you read it right…a timetable is what will aid your preparation. Or else, chances are, you may end up studying bits and parts of different subjects and not completing the curriculum. Now that you know the syllabus, you can allot time to each subject/topic accordingly. Be sure to allot more time to topics or subjects you find hard to study or simply dislike.

Write down and make notes

Making your own notes helps tremendously as this activity builds your muscle memory. Plus, your writing speed increases, giving you an edge during the exam. Jot down concepts, formulas, important expressions, definitions, derivations, and other things. If you wait till the exams get closer, it’s a no-no. Do this activity as soon as you start preparing, and revise from your notes when your exam nears.

Craft an exam strategy

It is important to plan a strategy for how you will be presenting your answers during the exam. Therefore, while preparing, practice writing answers to the point and within a certain word limit. Follow a proper technique and strategy. Any exaggeration can result in you losing marks if something is wrongly mentioned in the answer. Also, use the 15-minute reading time allotted before the exam well.

Solve sample papers and previous years’ question papers

In the exam, you have to frame your answers in a clear and concise manner and present these in a stipulated time. Solving previous years’ papers and sample papers will help you evaluate your preparation level and time management ability. It will also help you keep track of your problem-solving speed. Joining CBSE 10th classes will give you access to these question papers easily.

Refer to NCERT study material

True, it’s the digital age, but only referring to videos and tutorials is insufficient for your preparation. The NCERT study material is by far the best. Reading the chapters from this will help your interpretation skills, in turn helping you frame your answers well. You also have access to the question bank for Class 10 in the NCERT books, which is very useful. Therefore, treat the NCERT as the king of study material.

Revise numerous times

This is the key to perfection and accuracy. Once you complete every topic/chapter, revise everything thoroughly. This must be done regularly, periodically, to be sure that you know the topics well. Also, while revising, practice everything, from sums to diagrams to maps and more. Use mind maps and flashcards, and create a list of keywords. These will help you revise everything easily and quickly.

Schedule your breaks too

Remember the saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, and follow this diligently. Just as it’s important to study sincerely, it is equally important to schedule proper breaks. Therefore, plan your timetable accordingly and allot time for your hobbies, family, friends, relaxation, and of course, enough sleep. Consider festivals, holidays, family events, and occasions as well.

Preparing for the Boards may not seem easy, but it need not be difficult either. Being sincere and diligent in your preparation, with a proper plan in place, will certainly help. Therefore, study hard but do take rest, eat nutritious meals, revise at regular intervals, get enough sleep, indulge in fun activities, and do solve sample papers for Class 10.

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