Making the Most of Your Online Learning Videos

We cannot deny that online courses are the future of education. Online courses have allowed learning to continue even though a global pandemic forced schools and colleges to shut. But, creating an engaging and effective online learning course isn’t easy. Educators need to use a good mix of text, image and video resources to build their courses. When it comes to learning online, videos are one of the most important tools available. They are more engaging than text and more dynamic than images. Videos also boost retention and increase engagement on online learning platforms.

When it comes to online learning videos, some are successful and some aren’t. Certain videos may help educators get their point across, while others may fail to get students interested in the subject matter. Creating an engaging and educational video requires some thought and research. If you’re struggling with creating videos, we’re here to help. Here’s a look at what you need to include to create an engaging online learning video:

1. Find the Right Character

The main character in your video must be likeable. This doesn’t mean they should be ordinary. After all, your students need something extraordinary to keep them engaged. Instead, your character should be easy to get along with. It should be somebody the students can empathise with. The idea is that your students should be able to put themselves in the character’s shoes. Make sure you establish who your character is as quickly as possible. This will encourage your students to invest in the character’s story.

2. Create an Interesting Plot

This is where your story gets interesting. Your plot doesn’t have to be dramatic, but it must be interesting. It needs to keep your students hooked. You can do this by introducing a problem or crisis that affects your main character. Your students are already interested in the character. They will find it easy to invest in the character’s problems and will actively look for a solution.

3. Finish Strong

As children, we all heard stories that ended with a moral. As adults, we still remember these stories because they ended with a takeaway. Your videos should follow the same format. Finish strong by summarising what your students should have learnt. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can encourage retention among learners. You can even explain the goal of your video here.

As the pandemic has shown us, online learning is the future of education. So, educators must equip themselves with the tools required to help their students. Learning how to create an effective online learning video has become vital. They can increase message retention and boost engagement on online learning platforms.

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Written by Today's Geniuses
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