Creating Online Training Courses on a Tight Schedule

Despite the many online learning advantages, people still wonder – is online learning better than classroom learning? We believe that online learning is better if it’s done well. People often assume that online learning is limited to schools and colleges. What they forget is that offices can use the same principles as well. Online learning can help corporates create effective training courses for their employees. Given the current pandemic, corporates need to be able to deliver high levels of remote training. If you’re looking to create your training courses quickly, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to creating online training courses on a tight schedule:

1. Start with What You Already Have

Creating content from scratch is difficult. Instead, check your company’s digital archives. You can also look through your mails. You’ve likely sent guidelines or corporate policy documents to employees before. You can use this material to create your course. You can even use documents like order forms and invoices. An order form could help in a course about product knowledge. Invoices could help train staff involved in cash-flow management.

2. Change Formats

One of the biggest online learning advantages is that it allows learners to go at their own pace. You can use this to your advantage. Instead of giving trainees guidelines and policies to read, change the format. Have somebody read these guidelines. You can then create an online audio library that all employees can access. This serves two purposes. It allows employees to learn while they’re on the move. It also gives employees the chance to refer to the content at any time.

3. Create Simple Tutorials

Online learning courses do not always have to be elaborate or complex. You don’t need to create a spectacular animated video. Instead, you could use simple tools like Microsoft PowerPoint to create educational slides. Or, you can use your employees and their smartphones to your advantage. Ask employees to record themselves completing tasks. They should talk through the steps they’re following. These short videos can be used as tutorials during training.

4. Go Live

Live events are perfect when you’re conducting remote training. During the event, employees can interact with instructors and ask important questions. Instructors can use these sessions to explain concepts in great detail. Recordings of these live events can be used as raw material for future training sessions. You could use only the audio or even video snippets for employees to consume later on.

So, is online learning better? It can be. As you can see, remote training courses can help you and your employees save a lot of time. If you’re ready to give your employees remote training, you should consider registering with TG Campus. Our platform is completely user-friendly. It is also equipped with all the cutting-edge tools you need to create your session. Our platform supports a variety of formats, including PDF, audio and video. If required, you can use our whiteboard and live session features as well. With TG Campus, creating an online training course is a breeze.

Written by Today's Geniuses
Today’s Geniuses comprises of all the members of TG Campus. It includes IIT Alumni, PhD holders with fellowship and Subject Matter Experts, creating an enthusiastic bunch of Geniuses who are driven by their passion to empower learning.