What Makes an Online Learning Course Successful?

There are many important online learning trends that change every year. But, there are also elements of online courses that remain popular over the years. It is these important elements that make online learning course successful. As an educator, you must understand what goes into making a good online learning course for kids.

As a parent, you must find a course that offers your child the best education. Being a learner, you should take a course that challenges you and helps you achieve your goals.

Here’s a look at the important elements that make up a successful online learning course:

1. Diverse and Inclusive References

A good online learning course will give learners the whole picture. The subject matter takes every learner’s background and socioeconomic status into account. The course should also ensure that it does not stereotype a section of society. This applies to both reading material and audio-visual course content. You should look for courses that have diverse and intersectional reading lists. This ensures you’re learning from multiple perspectives.

2. Good Interaction

The best online learning courses are interactive. So, educators must encourage students to explore the subject matter themselves. They can do this by setting assignments and quizzes. Additionally, they can ask students to prepare projects and presentations. Encouraging group learning is a great way to increase interaction during a course.

3. Access to New Information

Many people sign up for online learning courses to learn something new. If the course offers only basic information, learners are likely to drop out. The best courses will capture a learner’s attention with information that is new to them. It should also push learners out of their comfort zone. These cognitively challenging courses force learners to use their grey cells.

4. Involves Practice

Good InteractionWe already know that every good online learning course is active. It encourages students to ‘do’ instead of simply ‘see’ or ‘watch’. But, another important online learning trend that has stood the test of time is practice. This means applying what they have learnt more than once. Educators can encourage this by setting assignments of varying degrees. In a computer programming course, for example, students may have to develop a piece of code. Once they test it, they may be asked to use their code in a larger programme.

5. The Instructor Is Visible & Active

Instructors can make or break a course when it comes to online learning for kids and adults. It’s important that they are available to answer questions as required. They must also be quick to respond to assignments and provide feedback. Instructors must be able to provide support and guidance to their students.

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Written by Today's Geniuses
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