6 Benefits of Solving Class 12 Commerce Question Papers

Class 12 is a turning point for every student. Be it any stream, the scores you secure in the Class 12 Boards determine your future academic course. It’s true even for the Commerce stream. While sincere study is the norm, solving Commerce 12th question papers ups your preparation by several notches. It is one of the easiest ways to make your preparation wholesome and strong.

We cite how solving these papers helps to bolster your preparation:

1. Gives you a peek into the real paper

Commerce 12th Preparation: Gives you a peek into the real paperWhen you solve previous years’ question paper for Class 12 Commerce, it gives you an exact idea of the actual paper pattern. You also learn about the exam pattern, how the marks are distributed, what are the important topics, and much more.

2. Gives you immense practise

Solving past years’ gives you tremendous practise for the actual exam. Since it enlightens you about the paper pattern, it naturally helps in revising the syllabus through practise. And revision is the key to perfecting your exam prep. Therefore, solving these papers boosts your overall preparation.

3. It’s a perfect way to self-assess

When you practise by solving question papers, you automatically learn about your preparation level. This way, you can actually evaluate yourself and measure your progress. You can compare your present attempt with the previous one and better yourself in your prep.

4. You learn about your weak areas

This somewhat overlaps the above point, but it still differs. You will make mistakes while solving the paper. Allotting marks as per the actual marking system will help you realise it. Also, accessing Commerce question papers with answers (2022) will give you an insight into where you’ve faltered.

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5. Aids in time management

Time management for Commerce 12th preparationThe exam stretches to three hours, and you have to complete the paper in this time period. When you solve past years’ papers, it gives you practise and hence increases your writing speed and accuracy as well. In short, it helps you in managing your time to finish the paper in the allotted time.

6. Helps in forming an exam strategy

When you are aware of the overall structure of the exam, paper pattern, our weak and strong areas, the types of questions asked, important topics, and such things, you can craft your own exam strategy. You can plan on how to present your answers for which questions, which topics to tackle first, etc.

To sum it up, solving past years’ papers will boost your exam prep in more ways than one. Besides polishing and sharpening your time management skills, speed and accuracy, you will learn to form a perfect exam strategy. And the greatest benefit will be self-confidence. Practising with these papers will boost it greatly, making you exam-ready in every way.

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