How to Create a Perfect Environment for your NEET Preparation?

If you’re preparing for NEET, you are certainly working very hard to garner high scores. This highly competitive exam requires persistence, perseverance and consistency. However, long hours of study also need a conducive environment that encourages it. Here, we tell you how you can create that perfect ambiance while gearing up for your NEET preparation.

Keep your study desk clean

NEET study tips: Keep your study desk cleanThis tops the list as a clean environment helps one stay calm and encourages learning. Whether it’s your room or study corner, be sure to keep it neat and well-organised. Have all the essentials, such as pens, notebooks, study books and notes, at an easy-to-reach distance. Also, do keep some snacks and water handy, as you will be spending 6-8 hours in your room studying. However, do make comfort a priority, as when you’re comfortable, only then you’ll be able to put in optimum effort.

Keep distractions at bay

Now we know social media is important, and so much happens online that it is easy to get sucked into that vortex. However, do keep in mind the importance of NEET and your goal. Therefore, keep all your gadgets, devices, video games, and other such distractions away from your study corner. Also, though technology, and particularly the internet, has pervaded our lives, stay away from those chat groups. Ignore these purposefully while studying and only access them in your free time.

Watch good content on social media

While speaking about limiting the use of the internet, we certainly cannot ignore the huge presence of social media in our lives. There’s a truckload of information out there, and it all depends on what you wish to access. You can either learn or while away your time looking up inane posts. Therefore, be smart and use this platform wisely. Go through videos/channels/posts that are by those who’ve topped NEET. Learn about strategies, tips to handle stress, and other such methods that will help in your prep.

Keep only the necessary study material

In general, while studying, students tend to refer to a lot of books and other study material along with their notes. However, this can only create confusion. That’s why we suggest you keep only a certain number of books and the most recommended ones. For NEET, we recommend sticking to the NCERT study material, as most of the questions come from here. Besides this, do refer to your class notes and also subject-wise videos for particular topics.

Take periodic breaks

NEET study tips: Take periodic breaksThis is as important as devoting maximum hours to studying. Without a break, you will experience burnout sooner than you can imagine. Hence, we suggest you take 10-15-minute breaks every couple of hours. Your body need to stretchs after being stationary for so long. Therefore, walk around a bit, do some simple stretches, and practise some breathing techniques. All this will enhance your focus while keeping you away from boredom. And yes, do drink enough water and stay well-hydrated.

Revise with mocks

One perfect way to prepare for this exam is to take as many NEET mock tests as possible. These automatically help you with your revision while also helping you self-assess your level of preparation. This way, you will learn about your weak areas and can work on them. You will also learn about your strengths and can form an exam strategy based on them. We say, mock tests are like a value-addition to your efforts and a great way to up your scores.

Creating a perfect environment while prepping up for NEET is important, and the above points will surely help you do that. However, there are some additional points that you can adopt and follow to enhance your preparation.

  • Take NEET online practise tests to get enough practise of the actual exam
  • Solve NEET previous years’ papers to get familiar with the paper pattern
  • Keep your screen time limited to stay focused on your exam
  • Get enough sleep and quality sleep to stay alert and sharp while studying
  • Eat nutritious meals to stay healthy in mind, body, and even spirit
  • Indulge in hobbies and fun activities to destress
  • Spend time with family, friends and loved ones to stay motivated
  • Speak to your guides and mentors for advice and to unburden your exam worries

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