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Science, Maths, Commerce, all can be overwhelming, and at times, even boring. However, it need not be so. For, we bring some delightful and fun courses to prep you in all these subjects. And then, you will feel empowered. Short, brief and fun – that’s what these courses are all about. TG Campus’s micro courses @99 for CBSE Classes 9, 11 and 12 prep you up in more than one way. Read on to know what’s on offer!

Let us begin with CBSE Class 9 Science:

Physics – Gravitation

‘Gravitation’, Chapter 9 of Class 10 CBSE, is quite simple and exciting if learnt along with TG Campus. Our micro course on the topic draws from NCERT’s course material and covers the main concepts in-depth. Every concept is explained in detail, which makes it easy to understand each and master all. With our experienced faculty, you are sure to conquer every difficult and complex concept in this chapter.

Benefits – You get a clear and concise explanation for all the concepts, which makes it very easy to understand and apply them. There is more stress on questions based on reasoning, which in turn, develops your reasoning ability. Mind map, which is a brief walkthrough of the chapter, gives you a peek into it.

Chemistry – Atoms and Molecules

Chemistry – Atoms and MoleculesChapter 9 of CBSE 9, ‘Atoms and Molecules’, is so much fun and interesting now with TG Campus’s micro course! Our excellent faculty explains every complex concept in detail. This makes it easy for you to understand the laws and elements connected to them. Our study notes serve as great reference material when you are preparing this chapter. The MCQs mapped with the topics in the chapter are a powerful feature to assess your achievements of what you’ve learnt.

Benefits – All concepts in the chapter are simplified in an easy-to-understand manner. With a strong course that is crafted based on NCERT’s material, you automatically become well-prepared for the exam. After completion of tests, the results are displayed with the right explanation that gives you insight into your weak and strong areas.

Biology – Improvement in Food Resources

Now, you can easily master Chapter 6, ‘Improvement in Food Resources’, by taking our short course on it. Designed based on the NCERT Class 9, it covers the 5+ core concepts. Our study notes to provide key ideas and points while offering elaborate explanations. Our experienced tutors provide all the guidance and mentoring that you need. Online assessments, mind maps, questions for self-practise, and more such features comprise this course. Moreover, the subjective questions are based according to the CBSE paper pattern.

Benefits – You become more adept at solving every question related to this topic. Your answer presentation skills, especially when it comes to subjective questions, improve greatly. The homework you get polishes your critical thinking ability, among other benefits.

Mathematics – Polynomials

Mathematics – PolynomialsMaths is fun with TG Campus, and the Chapter on Polynomials, a part of the syllabus of CBSE Class 9, is exciting to learn. With MCQs covered extensively, you have an edge over others. Besides, all the core concepts and topics are covered in-depth and with clarity in the course. Every aspect of this topic is covered in detail by our expert and experienced tutors, which helps you master it easily and quickly.

Benefits – You get study notes prepared by experts that will help you in your revision. The subjective questions are based according to the CBSE paper pattern. Mind maps help you in revising the topic quickly and in-depth.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab TG Campus’s micro courses @99 now and enjoy their benefits!

We also have a micro course for CBSE Class 11 & 12 Commerce students for the Basics of Accounting chapter in the Accounts subject. Let us see what it covers.

Accounts – Basics of Accounting

Accounts - Basics of AccountingNow, Accounts is no longer daunting and overwhelming. From Bookkeeping to Accounting and more, everything related to the ‘Basics in Accounting’ is covered in this micro course in great detail. Our experienced faculty takes you through the golden rules of accounting, identification of accounts, the rules of debit and credit, and much more.

Benefits – Our study notes are very easy to understand, and so are the flow charts. Plus, all the core concepts are covered in-depth in the course. Also, assessments are based on all types of answers. Besides, you can check the results with detailed analytics and explanation for answers.

CBSE Class 12 Commerce students often worry about mastering the Commerce subjects. But not anymore with TG Campus’s micro courses @99. Know more about these here:

Economics – Introduction to Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is fun and interesting to learn and understand. And, with TG Campus’s micro course, it even gets exciting. Everything from the definition, meaning to the features and structure of Macroeconomics is explained in great depth and detail. Our excellent faculty make this happen in a delightful way. Our study notes help you in your preparation for the exam. Our tutors explain concepts in a way that is easy to remember them and apply what you’ve learnt.

Benefits – You learn to identify terms, definitions, and relationships between concepts through keywords. This makes it easier to remember and apply this information. You learn complex concepts easily and know how to apply them in real life.

Business Studies – Principles of Management

Management is a crucial part of our lives as every task or activity requires proper management to reach completion. And, our micro course on Principles of Management is designed for you to master this topic in your CBSE Class 12 Commerce. The course covers all concepts in a fun manner and with immense clarity. Our tutors are always there to guide and mentor you and help you with any doubts.

Benefits – Every aspect covered in detail helps to understand the topic, while study notes help in understanding various applications. You can derive answers by using the case studies’ video guides. All answer types are included in assessments, and you get explanations for answers after submission.

Overall, TG Campus’s micro courses prepare you to stay ahead of the curve with their brief and concise but comprehensive nature. Your confidence is sure to get a boost and if you are taking your CBSE Class 12 board exams, these courses are just the right ones.

So, do not wait anymore and go for TG Campus’s micro courses @99 to excel in your exam!


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