JEE Mains 2024 Registrations Breaks All Previous Records

With the rise in the population of youth with high academic aspirations, professional degrees have seen a surge in takers in recent years. JEE Mains, the gateway and first step to a career in engineering, has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. The trend continues, and the JEE Mains exam 2024 has a record number of registrations – 12.3 lakh. Let’s delve in further to see the break-up in registrations.

A meteoric rise

The 2024 JEE Mains registrations have made news as they have surpassed the combined registrations of the past year. This year, the number has risen to almost 68,000. As per reports, this is an increase of about 3.7 lakh compared to the January 2023 session

Maharashtra leads the pack

 JEE Mains registration 2024 – Maharashtra leads the pack Maharashtra has again led the lot for 2024 with over 1.6 lakh registrations. Andhra Pradesh follows this with over 1.3 lakh aspirants, and Telangana at more than 1.2 lakh registrations. The number from all the three states has risen this year. Maharashtra stood at over 1.3 lakh, Andhra Pradesh was a little over 1 lakh, and Telangana saw over 95,000 registrations in 2023.

English rules the roost

The preference for language has undergone change this year. English language test takers have risen considerably, with over 11 lakh registrations, while those choosing Hindi have decreased a little over 40,000. Gujarati registrations stand at more than 16,500, followed by Tamil at over 14,500 and Bengali at more than 8,500.

The gender break-up

JEE Mains registration 2024 - The gender break-upWhen it comes to gender, female registration has seen a slight increase, with a 33% increase in the total number of registrations for 2024. While in 2023, this percentage stood at about 30.8%. Also, this year, the JEE Mains received the highest number of applications from the third gender, with 19 applicants.

The following year, the JEE Mains is to be held between 24th January 2024 and 1st February 2024, and students are gearing up with fervour. If you are an aspirant as well, you’re undoubtedly well-prepared enough. Solving the JEE Mains previous years’ question papers is a great way to bolster your preparation. Also, practising with JEE Mains sample papers gives a huge boost to your prep and confidence as well. TG Campus offers both, which are easy to download and also come with answer keys. So, here’s wishing all JEE Mains aspirants all the very best in the preparation and for the exam as well.

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