How Cloud-Based Learning Makes Education Smarter

It’s the year 2020 and the education industry has come a long way. Don’t you agree? With the help of technology, educators have come forward with innovative technological solutions that have revitalised their basic teaching methods. Today, students from one part of the world have a chance to pursue a course in a university located thousands of miles away.

But, how has this become possible?

The answer is – cloud computing. The omnipresence of the cloud has transformed and streamlined a large number of domains, including education. This has made education more flexible, affordable and accessible to people around the world.

So, what is cloud-based learning?

Cloud-based learning is online learning that happens on the cloud, which is a virtual space and is not tied to any one computer. This type of learning offers a unique platform to tutors who are free to:

• Upload course content
• Design new content
• Interact directly with their students

Students have access to all form of information that gets uploaded on the cloud. But, only once it gets approved by the course designer. The course designer can preserve any or all forms of information on the cloud and make it accessible to their students only once it’s ready.

Why cloud-based learning is important in education?

Owing to the immense popularity and potential of cloud-based learning, many schools and colleges have started introducing it in their classes.

Now, let us take a look at some of the amazing benefits of cloud-based learning.


One of the few amazing benefits of online learning or cloud-based learning is that it’s very cost-effective. This is because cloud-based learning does not require users to purchase any software for designing a course, which cuts down on time required to learn the software and saves a lot of money as well. All you need to do is create a personal account with the service provider of the LMS.

Improved data security:

No doubt that Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are great. But as you know, they lack important security features that keep users from stealing your data. However, cloud platforms are not similar in this regard. They offer data high-security features, which allow users to share any kind of information on their LMS account without the fear of breach or piracy.

Easier maintenance:

Many people choose to opt-out of this system because they do not know how to manage technical glitches. Here is why you should relax: cloud-based LMS providers are very well-equipped with adequate technical support and have a team of IT staff who can resolve any issues within a few hours.

Besides, a few cloud-based service providers also encourage their clients to send feedback and suggestions to improve their services.

Bigger storage space:

Yet another benefit of choosing cloud-based LMS is that you can keep your computer clutter-free! How? Well, the information you place on your LMS will be directly uploaded on the cloud. This means all your images, data, graphs etc. will get stored in your LMS account. Thus, giving your hard disk a lot of free space. Plus, this will also keep your data safe in case something happens to your computer.

With the help of cloud-based learning, the future of online education looks promising and smart. Today, more and more educators are adopting this system as their main LMS and are receiving positive feedback from students everywhere.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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