NTA Establishes Test Practice Centres For JEE 2019 Aspirants!

The Computer Based Test (CBT) in JEE 2019 surely made the news. Students and parents were clueless about how the tests would be conducted. Here’s good news for all the students who are prepping for JEE 2019. National Testing Agency (NTA) issued a public notice bringing some relief to students.

NTA has set up a country-wide network of Test Practice Centres (TPCs) for students. These centres enable students to take up practice tests before the exam.This move from the NTA has surely brought some relief to students prepping for JEE 2019. These centres are not just established in the metropolitan areas but in rural areas as well.

NTA has earlier announced that JEE 2019 would be an online test. Many students were clueless on how would they take the tests. Some even feared that the CBTs will be tampered. NTA dismissed the possibility. The whole setup has passed rigorous tests and designed after in-depth research.

The registrations are open now. You can book your slots either on Saturday or on Sunday. Students can register themselves for the TPC on NTA’s website – www.nta.ac.in. Students can also download NTA Student – an Android application for registration.

NTA has also made sure that students who can’t take the tests at the TPCs are not left behind. There is always a possibility that students can’t take tests or book slots. Such students can visit NTA’s website and take the Mock Tests on the website itself. Similarly, Mock Tests can be taken on the smartphone app as well.

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